A few records out of my box

The prices mentioned were right when I put them on the site, some up to 23 years ago



Seville - Show me the way     A few years ago I missed out on this one, as I thought "I'm not paying that much for it"  i wish I had carried on bidding. Anyway thought I would treat myself for my birthday!

Melvin Moore - All of a sudden    Haven't seen one for sale for a while so snapped this one up when I saw it, a cracker!

Silk - I can't stop (turning you on)    I used to have this years ago, God only knows why I let it go. But saw nice mint demo and couldn't resist it.


Timeless Legend - I was born to love you     Been after this for ages, but it doesn't come up for sale very often. From those first haunting notes it's a rush to the dance floor. If you can find one it will cost 800 plus

The Charisma Band - Ain't nothing like your love    Like the previous one it's another record that you don't see  for sale often. Great female vocals keep it bouncing along merrily

 Sandra Richardson - After you give your all    Regular listeners to my Soul show on Solar Radio will know what I think of this one. Simply the best record I have heard in years. As you can see it is from The 100 Club 37th Anniversary. Given out as a freebie , but straight away a collectors item. an unreleased track discovered by Adie Croasdale is has everything, great vocals, great beat, great chorus. simply PERFECT. Going for 40

 Terry Ronald - What the child needs    A great modern track ( well it's 16 years old) that starts off slow but soon builds up to a great dance record.


The Pretenders - I call it love    Not easy to find, but  has become a very popular tune on the 70's / crossover scene

 C B Overton - If I can't stop you    Same backing track as Ty Karim & George Griffin (below) this just puts another slant on the record


Melba Moore - Standing right here    Buddah records once again, penned by no less than McFadden & whitehead it just has that happy feel to it. this is a Canadian Issue not hard to find at all

Gwen McCrae - Keep the fire burning    Another Soul Diva that many of us overlooked when it was released as too disco for most of us, but very popular nowadays

Gloria Gaynor - This love affair    Boy the Soul divas are doing well on this page at the moment, another one that was too commercial for many of us in those days, but sounds great now.

 Garfield Fleming - Don't send me away    From 1981 this is so popular on the dance floor, certainly the mid tempo speed that I like dancing to. A snip at around 50

Dottie Pearson - Bring it over baby    Double sided magic ( a house full of love t'other side) that was recorded in 1978, but set on the shelves for 26 years till it got a release on Goldmine. hard to find and going for around 75

Cheryl Hunter - Make good love to me  l guess from the early 80's is this cheapie that I love. the backing is pretty poor, but who cares with such great vocals. You should get one for a fiver!


Bobby Reed - If I don't love you / The time is right for love    Another great double sider that I thought I would put both sides on. From 1970 both sides are just Soul Music at it's very best.  Going for upwards of 325, but got a look a like reissue on Expansion

Bessie Banks - Don't you worry baby the best is yet to come    Mid 70's again and another anthem. Expect tp pay 400 plus but like so many great records, it got bootlegged for those who don't care!!!!!

 Robert Parker - I caught you in a lie    Going back to the 60's for this one, which is quite unlike me. From the guy who gave us the Twisted Wheel classics Barefootin' and Lets go baby is this much more soulful tune. Got a re release on Contemporaries, but if you want a minter on Nola expect to pay 100 plus


Bobby Hutton - Come see what's left of me    I sold one of these 8 years ago for 65 , (don't know why) and just bought another one for 180. although my new one is in Mint condition it looks like another Eddy gaff!

The Trammps - Stop and think    An album only track in the UK  ( album 'Trammps') but got released in Germany twice with a picture sleeve. Hard to find  at around 50


Lamont Dozier - Breaking out all over    Looking forward to seeing Mr Dozier at Blackpool in June, so grabbed this out of my box. Taken from his first album - Out here on my own you can find an album or the single for a fiver

 Bobby Sheen - Sweet sweet love   Years ago I had this ( for the other side Dr Love) on a black Uk capitol label, but alas it was sold!!!  (gong for 400 plus now) but recently needed it again so when I saw a minter for 200 had to get it!



Mighty Clouds of Joy -  Look on the bright side    How good is this? Just a great "happy" sing along sound from the Kings of Gospel music. Not easy to find, but well worth searching for.

Latimore - Somethin' 'bout 'cha    If this was expensive it would be massive, but it's cheap and  oooh so soulful.


Deon Jackson - I can't go on  There's no mistaking the beautiful voice of Mr Dean Jackson and this is one of his best in my opinion. The version on Contempo - Raries has female backing singers on it, but I like this one.  60 - 75

David Morris - Midnight lady   Chilled our soul from David Morris Cheap as chips at under 10


Al Hudson - Spread love   Another one I've had for years on a 12", but when I saw this nice UK demo just had to get it. Shame about the label tear but it will do till I find another one.  30 should find one

Channel 3 - The sweetest thing   1973 again and a classic So soulful 70's tune Hard to find especially on demo.   Expect to pay 200 - 250


Harold Melvin - Get out   Had this for years and years but thought bit was time to put it on the page. A Classic

Tower of Power - This time it's real   From THAT YEAR AGAIN, 1973 and available anywhere for around a fiver this is quality soul music. Lenny Williams of lead vocal with a huge horn section backing him


Skip Mahoaney - Running away from love   More famous for Janice, but this was recoded some 5 years before. Cheap as chips on an issue  (7) but a bit more on a demo (15)

Four Flights - All I want is you   The same song as Sly Slick & Wicked and equally as good. It was recorded the year before so maybe this is the original one!  Half the price mind you at around 30


Ty Karim & George Griffin - Keep on doin' whatcha doin'   I don't usually put 12''s on this page, but I'm making an exception here. This is the brilliant, gorgeous, wonderful Ty Karim ( oh yes and with George Griffin) in a fantastic 1980 recording. Hard to find and even harder on a 7"  (haven't got one YET)

This is an edited version as the long one does go on a bit too long for me, at knocking on 8 minutes. Price!!!!   Anywhere from 70 up to 125

Linda Clifford - I can't let this good thing get away   What a belting record this is, and so in demand art the moment. A huge record at So soulful 70's and typifies what great 70's Soul is about


The Tams - This precious moment   The other side of Hey girl, I've been after this for ages, but not seen it at a price I was happy to pay. Andy Davies played it at "summer in the park" and let me have it afterwards. Seen for 100 - 200

Z Z Hill - Make me yours   Just a great version of the Betty Swann classic, and so hard to find at a reasonable price, again seen it around 200 and one at 250 but priced far too high in my opinion. Got this Mint -  for 100



The Whispers - I can't see myself leaving you   The Whispers, yet what a great talent. Probably know better for a couple of their 80's chart hits, but this is one for the 70's fans. Not expensive should be bought for 10 - 20

Tyrone Davis - Turn back the hands of time   Needs no introduction, so I won't give it one. Should be getting plays again me thinks!  10 tops



Sharon Paige - If your looking for somebody to love   This is getting so popular at our So Soulful 70's nights in Leyland. Top quality from Miss Paige ably backed by the Blue notes, it has that Philly sound that we all love.  20- will get you a minter.

The Montclairs - Hey you! Don't fight it   I turned this down lots of times  about 5 years ago, there seemed to be a glut of them. Seemed a little suspicious to me, and I heard lots of stories about them being bootlegged, or some in bad condition. Big mistake. I've been hunting one down for the past 6 months, but nobody would part with their copy.  Big thanks to Graham Paddock who didn't like to see my cry when he said no. Awesome music right from that very first guitar drift at the start. Costs anywhere from 800 - 1000


Norman Connors - Once I've been there   Featuring no less than Prince Phillip Mitchell on vocals this 70's  gem that won't break the bank.

Patti Drew - Stop and Listen   While I was looking for something else in my collection I found this, dropped the needle on it and remembered why I love it so much. Patti Drew started of singing with her sisters in the Drew-vels (ooh where did they get that name!!) and she did OK with Tell him, but this gem from around 1967 is by far her best work in my opinion. Soon as she kicks in with " wait a minute baby" she's got me hooked.  You should be able to pick one up for around 25, but shop around and you could get a real bargain

G. C. Cameron - Your what's missing in my life     A couple of great 70's Motown tracks here. Kicking of with Mr Cameron from 1977. Starts nice enough, then all of a sudden POW, he really gets going. It's got a haunting punch line that will have you singing it all day.  Seen anywhere between 10 and 25

Willie Hutch - Just another day    From 1976 comes this piece of magic from Willie Hutch. Typical Edmondson, I'm afraid I heard it at So Soulful 70's, loved it, ordered one, then found I had it at home ( same with G C Cameron, but I have the LP)  Cheap as chips at around  10  A BARGAIN.  It just grows and grows on you.


100% Pure Poison - You keep coming back     Another gem from the mid 70's and not an easy record to find nowadays. Starts slowly, but builds up as it goes on. Very catchy drift which is infectious. I was happy to pay 75 for this mint demo, but when I got it home and looked at it's EMI "birth sleeve" written in the corner was 40p, crossed out and 30p written instead. Somebody somewhere got an absolute bargain, probably from a car boot sale or a second hand shop. I just wish it had been me.

Norris Vines & the Luvlines- Give in Newish one for me is this, Plumby played it at The Ley Inn , and straight away I liked it, I've also been playing it my car (thanks Ian) so when Andy Davies played it art The Blackpool Hilton I just mentioned to him that I wouldn't mind buying it off him. I was surprised when he said yes. When it popped through the letterbox and I saw it was a lovely demo in mint I was chuffed to bits. A great tune. Hard to put a price on, I've heard of it going anywhere between 400 - 800

The Ultimates - Girl I've been trying to tell you     How good is this?  Just a fantastic piece of 70's magic, and so typical of the stuff we play at So Soulful 70's (check out gig guide page) From the first haunting piano notes it grabs you. Then when lead singer ( anyone know who he is?) says how he feels about this girl, it is just soul perfection. Rated at around 400 and worth every penny

Charles Mann - It's all over     That year AGAIN - 1973 and what a great mid tempo record this is. Apart from Charles' great vocals it's improved by the beautiful backing singers and a proper orchestra. demo around 70

Bobby Womack - Give it up     Taken from the 1979 LP Roads of life (which is the A side of this single)  this piece of Womack Magic has been sitting on a shelf gathering dust for years. Time to get it out, give it a clean and start playing it me thinks. From the an who can do no wrong (apart from the Gorillazs stuff!!!!) Not sure what it's going for nowadays as you don't see it every day, but I would suspect around 30 - 40

William DeVaughn - Be thankful for what you've got  Always been one of my favourite records, but I didn't know Mr DeVaughn had re done it in 1980. Possibly just a bit more ummph than the original one recorded in 1973, both great tunes. 1973 version can be found for 2 or 3 the 80's version around a tenner.

The top 4 are new buys for me, the next 6 are ones I have had ages, but never got round to putting them on the site

Aretha Franklin - Wonderful     To be honest I didn't know this was on a 7", I thought it was an album only track. I know (in fact I have somewhere) a 12" disco mix, which isn't as good. Comes from the great album So Dam Happy from 2003, which I bought on a CD when it was released. Plumby informed me that it did come out on this single, and managed to track one down for me. If you can find one expect to pay 40 ish

 Donna Allen - Joy & Pain   I bought this one when it was released, mainly because I just love the song. It disappeared many moons ago, but at the recent North Lancs soul Festival, Dranny played it at the Superbowl, and I thought it sounded great. couldn't find my copy so bought another one  49p

Innersection - Let me love you     Both sides of this are magic, in fact "I'm in debt to you" is probably  the more popular of the two. Big thank you to Steve Connor, for parting with this and the next one. Going rate around 400

 True Image _ I'm not over you yet    I have been wanting one of these for 15 years, but never managed to find one. Needs no introduction, just one of the best sounds ever.  Rated between 800 - 1000


George Benson - My woman's good to me     What can I say about this piece of magic, except it GB at his best. Going rate nowadays around 35

 Johnny Bristol - Love takes tears     The multi talented Mr Bristol with what I would regard as one of his finest records, and that's saying something. Just dusted it down and ready to play out, the next time I'm out somewhere. Worth 15 of anybodies money.


Jesse James - If you want a love affair   I just love this man's voice, and another record that has 2 great sides. I found this on a shelf in my office when I was looking for something else. Haven't played it out for 7 or 8 years, but needs an airing I reckon. Valued around 70 at present

 Temptations - Lady Soul     Taken from the 1986 LP "to be continued" and is a Soul in the Sun classic. Doesn't need to be rare to be good (as the next 2 prove) you should find one for under a tenner.

 Thelma Houston - Saturday night, Sunday morning     Another one of those great records that was overlooked.  Got to admit although I have played it on the radio many times, I only bought this beautiful green demo last year. 20 should get you one.

 Four Tops - I just can't get you out of my mind  I remember buying the LP Main Street People" as a new release back in the 70's, as a follow up to "Keeper of the Castle" soon after they left Motown.  Although it's not Motown, it features THE voice of Motown Mr Levi Stubbs. Once again 10 should get you a 'minter'


L. J Reynolds - Key to the world     Recorded live, and came out on the LP  L. J. Reynolds  which you can pick up for under a fiver. Got this single release and once again not an expensive record at around 20. Just pure magic and a pleasure to dance to.

Nate Evans & the Mean Green - This time with feeling    This was first released as Nate Evans and Boss, then again misspelt as Nate Evans & Bus  and finally as Nate Evans and mean Green. This one is by far the cheaper of the 3 and commands around 70 nowadays. The Bus one goes for 250 and I've never seen a Boss one anywhere, but would be interested to know what it's going for!  The other side (A Side) is a great version of The look on your face.

Conner Reeves - Joy    I was in the modern room at Keighley when Martin Dransfield played this. I had never heard it before, but immediately loved it. It samples Junior Walker - These eyes, then Conner's fantastic soulful voice kicks in. I tracked it down to this limited edition 7"  from 2007 that is very hard to get. Hopefully I have got permission to have it re released on another limited edition in aid of www.wish2walk.co.uk Watch this space!

C L Blast - Love don't feel like love no more    I really got into this track, when playing an old CD in my car. Tracked it down to C L Blast's 1980 LP called I wanna get down. We thought it was an album only track (not including the bootleg that got released as they are not proper records) ANYWAY low and behold this little gem was unearthed by Steve Plum, he got me it from Japan, and I see that it was released in 1977 ( 3 years before the Cotillion LP!)  Don't know the value, but I was happy paying 75

Aristocrats - Let's get together now    I know nothing at all about The Aristocrats, except I love this record, recorded in THAT YEAR AGAIN 1973. A real catchy 70's  style backing with a really soulful vocals make it for me. Priced around 200.

Lew Kirton - Talk to me    From the ex lead singer of The Invitations comes this piece of 80's magic. Recorded in 1983 and put out on the Talk to me album. Lew was originally a drummer with the Sam & Dave revue, which means that I probably saw him back in 1969 when I went to see Sam & Dave. Little did I know that I would be buying a record from the drummer some 40 odd years later! Apart from some great records with The Invitations, he is probably best know for Heaven in the afternoon, which is further down on this page. Pick the album up for a couple of quid, or a nice white demo for 10 - 15.

Natural Four - Love's so wonderful    Just a great piece of music from 1975, written and produced by no less than Leroy Hutson Quality 70's soul   Should cost between 10 and 20

Walter Jackson - Let me come back    I played this recently at a club, and a guy came to to me and said it reminds him why he loves Soul Music so much. Say no more  50 should get you one.


Bobby Womack - Tried and convicted    I remember buying this some 20 years ago and I have just "re found" it recently. A great sound that needs playing. Recorded in 1969 but sounds a few years later (to my ears) You should get one for 25 - 30 no probs

The Honeybees - She doesn't deserve you    Back when I used to run a Soul Club in Kendal (The IBIS) in the early 70's this became a monster record. Recorded in 1964 this is my kind of music. Not too hard to find, expect to pay 35 - 45

Goldie Alexander - Go Back    More often seen on a 12", this is a Dutch issue 45. Recorded in 1981 it is doing the rounds again and getting plays in a lot of the more "open minded" clubs You should get one for 10

Mac Davis  - I'm just in love   Back into the 70's for this next one, 1976 in fact and just a typical 70's tune. Getting more popular all the time, I've seen it advertised as low as 30 and as much as 100 so watch out.

Jae Mason - Woman (you've gotta be there)   The first time I heard this was when Matty Sherlock played it at The Ley Inn So Soulful 70's night, and I though what a nice sound. 50 CDs are given away each night to the first to come through the door, and I played it on the way home. It just grew and grew on me till I had to have one. Not a dear record, you should find one for around 20 which is 20 well spent I reckon.

Eddie Kendricks - I'm in love with you   Here is another one of those guys who can do no wrong. From 1983 this is the stand out track (for me) of his I've got my eyes on you album. Part produced by Mr K, and with music from the SOS band it was the second single from the album., but neither did any good. 15 should get you one of these, and consider it a bargain

Bo Kirkland & Ruth Davis - You're gonna get next to me   A couple of white demos here. This first one is just so cheap it's ridiculous.  W/D for under a fiver, and you can pick up the British release on EMI International (which to be honest is better quality vinyl) for about a pound!!!! what a great record this is, If you go out DJing, and haven't got this, get one, play it and watch the response. Just a great 70's record

The Artistics - It's those little things that count   Slightly dearer than the pervious one, but not too much (about 30)  is this Phillip Mitchell (see they spelt his name wrong) penned cracker. One of the harder Artistics offerings on Brunswick to find, and a nice one for anyone's collection



Lamont Dozier - Take off your make up What a wonderful record this is. It's taken from his 1973 Album "Out here on my own" and not an easy one to find on an ABC single. Chuck Jackson also released it on ABC in1973, and there's a few who think that is the better version, but for me Lamont 'takes the biscuit'. The string section is fantastic, and the record is smoother all round. Going for 40 + against Chuck's version at around 70. You can listen to Chuck's version on the Soul Sounds page of this website and make up your own mind.

Barrett Strong - Is it true Barrett Strong is really one of those men who deserved more credit. He is well known for singing the first big hit for Motown Records (Money) but didn't really record lot after that. He is better known for his amazing song writing skills and wrote numerous number one hits for Motown.  He wanted to sing again and signed for  Columbia and this comes from his 1975 album "Stronghold". Very highly rated but still a 10 - 15 record

Entertainers - I'm in love with you   I've been meaning to get this version for ages, so when a 'minter' came up at 40 I went for it. Probably 'Blue Eyed Soul' and was a big hit amongst the Beach Music/Shag fans. I know nothing about the Entertainers, but I do like this version. OK i have to admit it's not as good as Bobby Patterson's brilliant version, but still a nice record for the collection.

David Sea - Angel   Just creeping into the eighties with this one, 1982 in fact.  Produced by Ted Jarrett for his own label, and it's just great soul music. Beautiful vocals and great production. Not an expensive record, 10 should get you a mint copy.

Grover Mitchell - What hurts   From 1976 comes this piece of magic from Grover Mitchell. It was near the end of his singing career when he recorded this beautiful track. Great great words and superb vocals. Pictured is the issue, the demo (which is easier to get) is plain red mono /stereo. I've seen this anyway from 70 - 150 so your guess is as good as mine for price.

Ronnie Dyson - Lady in red   A classic Modern Soul Anthem from 1975, just one of those happy sing along tunes that make the 70's such a great decade for Soul music. Ronnie tells us how he loves and wants to marry a "lady of the night" Rated around 30 - 45

Bobby "Blue" Bland - Yum Yum Tree & Call on me   Two records that I used to own years years ago, when I played them on the radio the other week I though I must get them again. Yum Yum Tree is on a nice pink demo (40) and Call on me is the more recognisable orange issue (20)

Stevens & Foster - I want to be love  I first heard this when Plumby played it at The Grand all dayer in Clitheroe, and straight away I wanted one! When he played it again at  The Ley  I had to have one! Darren Brown sold me this one and I'm a happy man. What a record, just right up my street and very much in demand at the moment. If you can find one it has got to be worth 500 plus.

Invitations - Look on the good side  I'm amazed this isn't already on this page as it's been one of my favourites for years. I started playing it again 6 months ago and to my horror found a very small crack at the start on the record so had to have another one. Rated at around 40 



 Terry Callier - Look at me now  I had the pleasure in seeing Terry Callier last year in my home town of Kendal, He was very good, but to be honest I was hoping for him doing Ordinary Joe, I don't want to see myself and my favourite Look at me now. We waited in vain so when I had a chance to buy this I thought I'd make up for it. Looks like this is a demo as the black mark that someone has written on it is where Chess records put Not for sale. Expect to pay 200 plus

 Jackie Wilson - It only happens when I look at you  Got one!  See below.



 Jackie Wilson - It only happens when I look at you  I'm starting to repeat myself again here but it was when I was dancing to this record (Soul Sam) in the modern room at Whitby when I decided I had to own one.  The hunt starts as I thought it was only on a UK release on (black) Brunswick, and a bitch to find. Then along came www.rarenorthernsoul.com   and Steve Jeffries with this little cracker. It's a Spanish issue, Now thinks I, that's funny as the cover says Nobody but you (on both sides) and the other side of the record is "Where is love". Steve informs me  that's it's a LP sampler for the Nobody but you Album. What a great collectors item, rated around 175. But it still leaves me wanting the UK release (which should be cheaper) so watch this space!!!!!!!!!!

Beloyd - Get into your life  Just another one of those great 70's crossover sounds that sounds so good nowadays.  Not easy to get hold of. The demo is double sided, while this issue has Today all day on the other side. Some rate that very highly, but personally it's not in the same league as the A side. Expect to pay around 100 for a mint issue.

Denise LaSalle - I get what I want  1976 saw this piece of crossover magic released by the very underestimated Denise LaSalle. Unfortunately so many know her only for the hit she had with Toot Toot but for us Soul fans the list of her great records goes on and on. Here is another one that is right up there with Here I am again as far as I'm concerned. And for about a tenner you couldn't ask for better value for money.

Darrow Fletcher - It's my mistake Same old story for me I'm afraid. I have known this track for some years, but all of a sudden it grabbed me. think it was Steve Plumb who played it at The Ley Inn in June, and I thought "got to get one of those"  I searched around and couldn't se one so went begging once again and Plumby found me one.  Best 80 I have spent this year.

Margie Joseph - One more One of those classic crossover tracks that gets the hairs on the back of your neck standing to attention. Released in 1969 but what I would class as a storming 70's tune. Hard to get a good un nowadays and rated around 50 plus for a minter

Special Delivery - This kind of love This kind of love is certainly my kind of music. Massively popular at the moment and sure to go up in price from it's 50 price tag. Released in 1978 it's what I call "happy music"  None of the R n B stuff that makes you want to slit your wrists, this will have you singing the chorus all day long.  Thanks Plumby for finding me this one (check out his site at www.soulmusic.co.uk )


The Vows - Tell me I really got into this record when I heard Frank Wilson's un released version of this (Tell me baby) and started looking for this VIP  original version. It's on the B side of Buttered popcorn with Morris Chestnut on lead vocals (reputedly) Great record from 1965 that will set you back around 200 if you can find one.

Esther Phillips - Just say goodbye  There is no mistaking Miss Phillip's fantastic voice on this piece of soulful magic. She does it for me every time. Expect to pay 20 - 30 but again not easy to find now a days

Co Co & Ben - Good Feelin  Well I have finally manage to get a copy of this piece of 70's perfection. It's one of those records that has been in the back of my mind for years, I have it on a CD but all of a sudden when I heard it one afternoon at Soul in the Sun it just grabbed me. The search began and after 5 months here it is. My kind of music, a brilliant 70's beat with awesome female vocals. Shame about the label, it has to be one of the worst ones I have ever seen, can't even read the name of it!!!  I have heard of it being sold recently as little as 800 and as much as 1500 so your guess on a correct valuation is as good as mine. If you are after one good luck.  Now click on the label, sit back and enjoy.

Johnnie Taylor - Just ain't good enough A couple of belting tracks from the legendary Beverly Glen Records. first up is this piece of magic from Johnnie Taylor, soul perfection.

Bobby Womack - Tell me why  From the year after comes Bobby Womack. Taken from The Poet ll album (which is a must buy) and once again produced by Northern Soul legend Otis Smith. Two pieces of superb music that will get you change from 20.


Z Z Hill - Universal love Two more from Graham Slater and once again cheap as chips.  this first one from 1978 shows off Z Z Hill's fine vocal skills, with that distinctive gritty feel to his voice. Worth 20 of anyone's money

Joe Tex - All the heaven a man really needs Kicks off so typically Joe Tex with shades of Under your powerful love. (which I've just realised isn't on this page, I'll have to remedy that)  Recorded in 1972 and just waiting to be played. Again 10 - 15 should get you one easily.

Eddie Kendricks - All of my love If you look a little further down the page you will see a red plastic Tamla demo of Eddie's He's a friend. Well I bumped in Graham Slater the other week who played the B side of the UK release of He's got a friend. I'd never heard it before as my demo is double sided. What a great record and one I had to own. I paid 5 for this mint copy. What a bargain.

Gary Thomas Empire  -  Love me right  At the same time Graham gave me this single ( he said he owed me a tenner, don't know what for but his memory is better than mine) Another one that I had never heard of but once again it's right up my street. 1975 and a cracking 70's tune. Seen it this week for 330, but it takes some finding!


Holland - Dozier - New breed kinda woman There's no need for me to go on about the Holland Dozier Holland team, as we all know what a great influence they had our music, and New Breed Kinda woman is no exception. From the best year ever for soul Music (1973) is this masterpiece. Featuring the wonderful vocals of Lamont Dozier it's just magic Soul Music.  Valued anywhere between 50 & 75 

Darrell Banks - Angel Baby I don't buy a lot of oldies to be honest, I used to have this years ago but let it go. When I saw this mint demo I just couldn't resist it. I maybe paid too much at 75, but it's just nice to own.


Al Wilson - Show and tell This is just one of those great soul records that we all love. Back in Lanzarote in November at Soul in the Sun 30 of us took over a great Tapas Restaurant one night, so Chris Priestley took some music for us to munch to!  After the sangria and wine had been flowing for a couple of hours things started to get a little rowdy!  This came on and before you could say Jack Robinson everyone was up singing the chorus and waving their arms (as you do when you are drunk) We played it in the club that night and it went down well, but when we finished with it the next night it went to a new level, and I think it's going to stay up there!  Anyway when I got home I dug my copy out, but as expected it wasn't in the best on condition, so i bought this mint copy for $ 3.  Can't complain can I?

The Tymes - What would I do AI was looking through a record box for something else when I found this little gem. I hadn't heard it for ages so was delighted when I popped it on the turntable and it was in mint condition. Well worth it's place on this page. Going for around 60 - 80 nowadays.

Garnett Mimms - Somebody, someplace I heard  I heard this in Pat Wallace's car, on the way back from a game of golf, and was instantly struck by the soulfulness of it. when Pat said it was a cheapie I thought "I'll have one of those". I picked up this mint white demo for just a tenner. it just ooozes soul with Mr Mimms chucking in the occasional scream that he's renowned for.   1972 comes up trumps again.


Albert Washington & the Kings - I'm the man  I was tipped about this record about a year ago, but didn't bother buying one (at 15) and it' has just grown and grown on me. Typical 60's R n B from 1968 (or as I prefer to call it Rhythm and Soul) track. Not easy to find nowadays, especially in mint- like this one, if you come across one expect to pay 50 - 75 for it at present.

Bettye Swann  This really is my kind of music, Betty Swann doing what she is best at, pouring out her soul. I'm listening to this as I type and the goose pimples are starting all over again. Betty tells her ex that she's not wasting anymore time with him, since he's been with someone else, her "heart is closed for the season"  You can feel the pain that she's going through AWESOME SOUL MUSIC. Thanks Plumby! You should pick one up for 15 - 25

Little Rose Little - I got the love  Gotta thank Pat Wallace for getting these next two, I first heard this out somewhere earlier in the year and liked it straight away, but it was only this week when he lent me some of his latest acquisitions that I thought "must get that one" Pat got me one next day. It's a cracking 60's track that really grows on you Expect to pay anywhere between 30 and 100.  It's a climber

The Arabians - (please) Take a chance on me I suddenly got it in my head that I needed this sound, Although as usual I have known it for years it was in the back of my head until a few weeks ago when Lawrence Grimshaw played it at Ramsbottom,  I couldn't stop humming it so it then became a must have sound. Pat kindly sold me his mint copy. Ranges anywhere from 150 - 250

Daybreak - I need love / Everything man  It was a few months ago when I was at Campbell's in Leyland when Steve Clayton played this, I had to go up and congratulate him on his choice of music, and asked if he would consider selling, but he wouldn't (can't say I blame him) Anyway the next time I saw him he told me he had managed to get another copy and was I still interested. It took me about 5 seconds to decide. What a great record, and apart from the writing on the Everything man side it is in mint condition. Hard to say how much you would expect to pay for this, but both John Manship and Tim Brown list it at 1000

Michael Henderson - Take me I'm yours  1978 this time and just a piece of soul magic from Michael Henderson, You should be able to pick a beautiful white demo in mint condition like this one for just 15

Eddie Kendricks - He's a friend  Eddie Kendricks had a hit with this back in 1975, also on the album of the same name. So it is available cheap as chips still.  I picked up this great white tamla demo (red plastic) for a fiver! QUALITY SOUL MUSIC


Arthur Prysock - All I need is you tonight  /  I wantcha baby  The guy with the velvet voice just about sums up Arthur Prysock. Very remindful of Barry White, he's got those so sexy dulcet tones  (so I'm told)  The first two releases on the Old town record label back in 1976. You should be able to pick them up for a tenner (or less) each. Well worth it, and two great 70's sounds.

  Like everyone else I remember when this track was released back in the 70's, but it wasn't fashionable in those days to like a record that was in the charts!!!!!. Anyway a month ago Neil granger played it at a club in Clitheroe, and I realised what a great record it is. I got my copy out and not surprisingly it wasn't in good nick, so I thought I'd treat myself to a new one  (10) Now then did you know that Lou Rawls recorded the opening line " I was in New York the other day....." 14 times with the names of other cities. I had it in the back of my mind, but had never given it a thought. So that's my target, to get the 13 records. Above is the Cincinnati version, and I have also got the New York, San Francisco, Cleveland, Baltimore & St Louise. So if you can help me with any of the others, I would be very grateful. The numbers are Washington DC AE7 1134, Miami AE7 1135, Philadelphia AE7 1136, Detroit AE7 1138, Houston AE7 1140, Chicago AE7 1141, Cleveland AE7 1143, Dallas AE7 1144, LA AE7 1146.  Thanks to Steve Plumb for sharing his knowledge with me, and getting me the records.  www.soulmusic.co.uk

Wilson Pickett - Let me be your boy  Recorded in 1962 is this very early Wilson Pickett track.  It also was originally released on the correct-tone label, , then 1965 on the black verve, 1966 in a blue verve and in the UK on MGM. I'm not a R n B fan, but this is what I like to call Rhythm and Soul. Great vocals and great beat. Quality soul music. Pick a black one up around 70, blue around 50, MGM  100 and Correctone 150

Bunny Sigler - Keep Smilin'  A strange start, but instantly recognisable! Not long before it kicks off with a typical Philly style. Title track for a great Album released early 1974. Well worth 15 of anyone's hard earned dosh.


Johnny Baker - Shy Guy  A great 70's record, can't understand why it's been hidden away upstairs for so long, there's two different FOG labels for this one, the other one has fog on small letters and curved.  that's the more expensive one. This one is rated around 40

Emotions - Stealing love  Actually 1969, it's hard to believe it's over 40 years ago. Still sounds great and a great crossover track Hayes & Porter strike again! Valued around 20 and well worth it,


Universal Mind - Something fishy going on  1974 this time and another gem from The Red Coach record label, it's one of those instantly recognisable starts, that really gets going with great lead vocals kick in. You should pick one up for 15 max  ("Reach out for me" is worth checking out as well)

Basic, Black & Pearl - There'll come a time  As you can see, this is a Polydor Test pressing. Another great 70's track that deserves more plays. The issue goes for 50 and the demo with a disco mix on the flip for 60. I don't know about this test double sided pressing though.


The Adorables - Ooh boy  Way back in the 70's I used to collect Ric Tic and Golden World (along with one or two other labels) and I remember buying this for 6. It's always been one of my favourite Golden World records and I have been meaning to replace it for years but never seen one that was in good enough condition. Anyway when I saw this one in mint (hasn't been played) I thought I'd treat myself. Cost a bit more than 6 mind you. You can expect to pay anywhere from 200 - 300 pounds now a days.

Randy Brown - I'm always in the mood  I know I'm starting to get boring, but this is another of my favourites! Written by no less than Homer Banks this is just a piece of 70's magic. It's another one of those that I heard years and years ago, but only this past year when I heard it again did I really appreciate how good it is. The album has 3 other great tracks, and I have been hearing great things about another album of his  Watch this space. Rated around 20 - 30



Carl Carlton - You can't stop a man in love Further down this page is the version by Ruben Howell, I like to collect "pairs" of records so couldn't resist this version, especially on a nice white demo. That year again 1973 !  Going for around 20

Honey Cone - If I can't fly  Recently tipped to go well is this typical 70's track, and yes 1973 once more. Certainly a "grower" Written and produced by Greg Perry, enough said! I just wonder how many other great sounds from the 70's thee are still out there waiting to be played?  20 - 30 at present..


Bill - Space Lady A modern Soul anthem and one that I used to own, but let go years ago. Thought it was about time I replaced it 20 should get you one no problem.

Jack Montgomery - Dearly Beloved  Needs no introduction, just one of the best records EVER. I sold my copy about 10 years ago and just paid 4 times the price to get it back. Expect to pay 200 - 250 for a good un.


S.O.U.L. - This time around  Another piece of 70's brilliance from S.O.U.L featuring Larry Hancock on vocals. and yes it's that year once again - 1973. Mid tempo crossover magic, and every now and again Mr Hancock lets rip showing what a fine voice he has. Priced at between 10 and 30 depending on condition.

Billy Davis - Stanky (get funky)    I wish I could turn the clock back to last September when I was offered this for 15. To be honest it is not my kind of music and I turned it down. It was very popular at November's Soul in the Sun and again in April, but like a fool I still I resisted. But people keep asking for it when I'm DJing and I hate saying I haven't got it so I had to bite the bullet. Also when I'm out and about at weekends, I would much rather listen to this than some of the same old oldies that some DJs (and I use the term loosely) insist on playing. Price wise it's a hard one I rate it at around 40 - 60 but have seen it at 100 & 120. It's one of those that will be back at 40 by the end of the year.

Ike & Tina Turner - Dust my broom  -  Somebody (somewhere) needs you   Ok I know I have already got these two records but when a chance came to own these two gems from 33 years ago, on British Labels, in nearly mint condition I just couldn't say no. 50 - 60 each is the going rate, and I'm more than delighted with them. Dust my broom certainly needs no introduction, and the brilliant somebody (somewhere) needs you (also recorded by the great Darrell Banks amongst others needs to be played more. It is the same backing as Ty Karim - Lighten up baby on Car-a-mel (further down the page about half way) and probably more famously Larry Laster - Go for yourself. 

Buddy Miles and The California Raisins - What does it take (to win your love)   One of many versions of this great Junior Walker song. This is about my favourite, not easy to find on a white demo and going for 80 - 100

Lonnie Hill - Galverston Bay   Classis 80's anthem from Lonnie Hill, a great stepper with lots of soul  10 - 15 should get you one.

Brotherly Love - Whole lotta you in me A modern Soul anthem that doesn't pop up very often. Great to dance to with lots of fantastic soul vocals. Goes for about 50

Phillip Mitchell - I'm gonna build California from all over the word   Great 70's track (well 1969) from the man wrote and sang so many anthems during the 70's.British release on the legendary Jay Boy label that you would expect to pay 40 - 50 for mint.


Chuck Chissel - Don't tell me I'm sorry   Just squeezed into the 70's this one from a man I've never heard of apart from the cracker. Goes for about 15 - 20

The Jacksons - Even though your gone At the recent Bridlington weekender John Kane kicked off his set in the modern room with this one in resect to Michael Jackson. As he said it it just a great great soul record. How right he was. 3 at the most

Teddy Pendergrass - I just called to say     This is another one of those songs that I have known for years ever since I bought the album TP as a new release way back in 1980. I bought it really for Love TKO which is just fantastic, and I just called to say slipped to the back of my mind somewhere.  It was at a day time session at Tenerife this last Soul in the Sun when I heard it again and it rekindled my memory. I have to say that it is my current top 10 records. Teddy's vocal are quite simply awesome, sang with such feeling as are most of his outings. When I tell you that it was written and produced by no less than Bobby Womack's brother Cecil (of Womack & Womack fame) and co produced by Dexter Wansel enough said. You can get this for about 3 (look for the B side of Love TKO) You will not get a better bargain.

The T S U Tornadoes - What good am I    I've had the record hidden away in a box for years and never played it as it is in terrible condition, so when I saw it on a list in mint for 25 I just had to have it. Great mid tempo vocals  for those of us who don't want the 100 MPH tunes anymore!!!  I'll bury  my old copy in a special place in my garden I save for old records to be laid to rest!!!!  (does that sound sad or what?)


Clausel - Let me love you    When I first heard this I couldn't really make my mind up, but it is certainly a grower, and very in demand. Expect to pay 150 - 200

Allnight band - Lovely Ladies   I've been after one of these for the past five years, so I was delighted when this mint demo came up for sale. Great 70's tune that if other DJs can get hold of one should go massive. Every time I've played it someone has come up raving about it.  75 if you can find one.


Mario Biondi & the High Five Quintet   This is a brand new release that you will either love or hate. I can't honestly say that it is a great soul record, and maybe it shouldn't be on this page, but I love it. I'll leave you do decide for yourself, but be warned if you play it twice, you will be humming it all day. Anyway it is certainly better than some if the dross that passes for soul music nowadays  (Duffy etc)

Marvin Gaye - At Last   Once again proving that  records don't have to be expensive to be great, this gem is on the other side of Chained, and you can get it for a fiver. I can see this being massive this time next year. Get one now

David Ruffin - Each day is a lifetime / Don't stop loving me   I confess that I didn't know this existed, I thought it was unissued and only came out on the CD David that was found in the vaults a couple of years ago.  I mentioned it on the radio show and was delighted to be corrected. I saw the issue for $10 then came across a white demo for just $15.  a bargain, two great great sides.


Southside Movement - Do it to me   A couple from 20th century and both from the same year, 1975. Kicking of with the much sought after Southside Movement, which has a a typical 70's feel to this one with some great vocals. Taken from the Moving South LP which is a 30 plus album, you can expect to pay 50 for the single.

The Real Thing - Stone cold love affair   Second up is this very catchy tune from The Real Thing. Ian Nichol put me on to it.  It's a bit more disco orientated than Southside Movement but a bargain at around 5..

A couple of really nice 70's (ok Hi Gloss is just 80's) tunes that are cheap as chips, but will never go as long as the ,masses still want the same old oldies!

Solaris - you and me   I've never heard of Solaris, but they have a real nice feel to them, Mid tempo for about a fiver.

Hi-Gloss - You'll never know  I remember buying this when it came out in the UK, don't know what happened to it, but a nice white demo replacement for around a tenner.

Isley Brothers - Why when the love is gone   B side of Take in a little while (and rock me) Very very popular at the moment and rightly so. I did have a white demo that I bought in a Motown soul pack 30 years ago (it's going for 100 now) but I can't find it so bought this UK replacement.  Going anywhere from 20 - 50 depending on condition.

Skip Jackson & The Shantons - I'm on to you girl  Pure magical Northern Soul at it's best. Doesn't come up very often and if it does you'd expect to pay 75 - 100

Paul Thompson  -  Special kind of woman   First of two belting sounds. Paul Thompson doesn't pop up too often, and certainly not in Mint + condition, so I was delighted to get my hands on this piece of Soul magic from 1970.  Expect to pay 650 - 750 at least.

Patterson Twins - I need your love  Written by the genius Prince Phillip Mitchell from 1970 another magic sound for all Northern / Modern Soul fans. One of these days sounds like these two will get the recognition that they deserve. Expect to pay 350 - 400 for a mint copy.

Lenny Curtis - Nothing can help me now  Well this is yet another one that I've been after for ages, but every time I see one it's not very good condition. Chuffed to bits to finally get my hands on one which is mint.  Expect to pay 800 - 1000 if you can find one.

Jean Plum - Look at the boy  Just 100% great soul music here, one of those records that make the hairs stand up. Around 40 for a good UK release.

Nolan Chance - Just like the weather  First one of two that I used to own, but let go some 20 years ago. Classic sound from The Golden Torch, but still sounds good today. Nolan once sang with Chicago based group The Artistics.  Rated around 250 - 300

Lew Kirton - Heaven in the afternoon  70's magic from the ex front man of The Invitations. Great tune, great words. You'd be lucky to get one for under 100 in mint.


The Courtship - It's the same old love  First of two Motown sounds this month, and boy what a record. Forget the 100MPH stompers this is top quality SOUL MUSIC. Not too hard to find and you can pick one up for a tenner or so. (Thanks Kev)

Chuck Jackson - What am I gonna do without you  The man turns up trumps again with this piece of 60's magic. Again not too dear at about 15 it's a record we should all own.


Gloria Edwards - Keep up with my man   1972 once again and pure soul groove from Gloria Edwards. So many great great sounds from 1972 & 1973 eh? No reason to pay more than 15 for this either.

Teddy Pendergrass - Do me  TP can do no wrong, This was off his third  solo album after leaving Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes. Yet another Gamble & Huff masterpiece that you should get for a tenner or so.


Donny Gerrard - He's always somewhere around  Can't remember who reminded me about this little gem. From 1976 this is a cracker, and a cheapie as well. Well worth 6 of anybodies dosh, again proving they don't have to be dear to be good.

Reuben Howell - You can't stop a man in love   I played this on Solar Radio the other week, and thought I'd start playing it in clubs again, funny thing was the very next Soul night I was asked for it. It must have been the first time I had it with me for 10 years and it went down an absolute storm.  I was going to say how cheap it was, but just seen it for $175 on John Manship's site.  What's the world coming to. It was always a 5 record !!!!!!!!


Garland Green - Don't let love walk out on us  What a piece of magic this is, from one of the most underestimated soul singers of all time.  Hard one to find and expect to pay 75 - 100. 

Barbara Lynn - Trying to love two I've just bought this again, for sentimental reasons as well as the fact it's a great sound. Way back in 1998 at Cleethorpes Soul weekender I was after this, and then it was unknown. After trolling through lots of record boxes someone mentioned that a certain dealer had a few copies. I went up and bought one and couldn't believe it when he charged me just 4 for it. He had 6 copies but would only sell me 3, so I sent a couple of mates up to buy copies for me. 6 months later it's massive and going for 70 - 80. I gave some away and sold a couple, but finally had to let the last one go (along with Betty Swan - Kiss my love goodbye) to Chris King for a track he was going to put on a "one off disc" for me. It's great to have it back in my collection. going for 40 - 50 nowadays. well worth it.


Roni Hill - I wouldn't give you up  These next two are nice 70's sounds that shouldn't cost you too much if you get a move on, but expect them both to go up in price soon. Roni Hill is a gorgeous lady with a fine voice. She did covers of two Supremes tracks with this far better song on the B side. It's one of those going for about 20 at present. 

Ecstacy, Passion & Pain  - I wouldn't give you up  I thought I'd stick this version on as well so that you can compare them. As you can see this one was recorded first.  two really nice cheap records. Again around a tenner at present 


Billy Davis - Three steps from true love  Something in the back of my mind tells me that I shouldn't really own this record, I can't remember the story behind it. It's one of those British releases when Northern soul was getting popular and all sorts of people started cashing in on the scene.  It samples The Amanda Orchestra Do me right and I've got to say the vocals are spot on. You should pick it up for a couple of quid.  

Saint Tropez - Fill my life with love Thanks to Pat Wallace for this one, apparently it goes down well around the Midlands area. Another buy it soon record I reckon.  Perhaps a little "white" for me, but o disputing it's a catchy dance record  around 10 at present.


Truth - Coming home  Just crept in to the 80's with this one, thanks to Biff for introducing it to me. It's another one of those records that I would expect to increase in price from it's current 30 price tag 

The Temptations -  I'm coming home Same song as the Truth one, but I reckon a bit more soulful, with the vocals of one Dennis Edwards. Probably pick one up for under a fiver.

Inner Space - Break the chains  From 1974 this one is certainly a grower. Typical 70's feel to it and for around 25 certainly worth having in your collection

Smoove  -  I can't give you up  Well this is what lots of people have been talking about. Not exactly sure why to be honest. It was covered up as Frank Popp and I've got to admit it does sound like them. (don't know if that's a good thing or not) To be honest it does nothing for me, but it is very popular on the dance floors. (then again so is Duffy in some clubs!!!!) I believe the band are from Newcastle or Sheffield or somewhere up North. I can't see what it's got to do with soul music, but it wouldn't do if we were all the same would it.  Probably worth a tenner or so, but I believe someone paid 166 on Ebay recently.

Marvin Gaye - Love starved heart / It's a desperate situation  This is another Holy Grail for me, ever since I heard it. I owned it on the Chris King giveaway for years, but to honest I wasn't happy about it, and always wanted one of these "proper ones". Well thanks to Andreas in Germany who put his copy on E bay. I believe there was only 100 done, and were given away at a concert or something. I'm sure someone will be able to let me know the full story of it's release.  Cheers to Alan Barnes who says............ " The single was given away free at a press conference to launch The Marvin Gaye Box Set, Copies were put on the seats for the media but most were left there, as the yanks had no use for old fashioned vinyl"  Valued at 300 - 400 (one went on John Manship's auction for 450 recently I'm told.


Mamie Lee - I can feel him slipping away  My kind of soul this one, and thanks to Mick Morgan for this. Beautiful vocals from Miss Lee and  great backing. Just needs playing more, but not when the rooms full of 100MPH stomper lovers, it's far too soulful. Pure Soul Magic. Expect to pay 20 - 40


T J Williams & Two Shades of Soul - Baby, I need you  Got to be one of my favourites at the moment. Sad thing is that I turned it down about a year ago for 30. Expect to pay 200 - 250 nowadays for a good copy. B side is also a good sound. 

Natalie Cole & Peabo Bryson - Gimme Some Time  Came from Dave Hume (via Thomo). the first time I heard this I liked it, and it has grown on me ever since. Recorded in 1979 it has more of a mid eighties feel to it. Great vocals from Nat King Cole's daughter, and available at present for a tenner.


Contours - I'm a winner   The year after Natalie Cole was this Contours track.  Martin Dransfield and Ian Nichol were raving about this, I wasn't too keen first play to be honest, but it is growing on me. Word is that it's going to go up in price from it's current 30 - 50 price tag.

Jerry Butler - (I'm just thinking about) Cooling out   Keith Ridge requested this on on Solar Radio, I didn't have it, but knowing Keith's taste for Philly records I bought one for 3.  Got to admit when I got iit I did recognise it, but I'm afraid the old gray matter is not what it used to be.  An absolute bargain. See what you think


Reggie Garner - That ain't  the way (you make love)   When most people hear the name Reggie Garner, Hotline springs to their minds, but this is just so much better. Actually the B side of half a cup which is a nice track (beware if your thinking of buying one, as the demo has a mono version of half a cup on the other side) If only I could go back to 1973  & 1974 I'd buy every record released. This is just so typical of the great music from those years.  Expect to pay 80 - 100

Brought this one up the page from October 2003 as it's getting popular at last.....  Bloodstone - Just wanna get the feel of it  1978 this time, I presume that it's the same Bloodstone who gave us Natural High, but this is nothing like it. More of a Philly sound to it, I wouldn't have known it was Motown.  You can find these at about 15 I reckon a good buy and destined to go higher. The issue is a lot harder to find   (UPDATE  March 2008  . . . . . now going for 100 plus)

Brian Holland - I'm so glad   From one of the true legends of the soul scene comes this piece of absolute magic. It would take the rest of the website to list Brian Holland's achievements, but this just seemed to disappear without trace. Recorded in 1974 after Eddie, Brian and Lamont Dozier had left Motown, it shows the real talent of the genius. Doesn't often turn up nowadays, but expect to pay 50 - 70

Teddy Pendergrass - Where did all the lovin' go   From one legend to another. I think more and more of us are re discovering The Sound of Philadelphia. Back in the 70's we were mainly interested in rare 100 MPH sounds, but now we appreciate all kinds of soul music a lot more. ( well most of us, there are still a few in a time warp) For just 10 - 15 you can get this cracker from 1979.  No surprise to see that it's written by Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff, and produced by Kenny Gamble is it?

Johnny Taylor - Blues in the night   I have been after this for ages, when I first heard the track I managed to get hold of the album "Wanted one Soul singer", I had heard that the only other release was on a French Picture Sleeve EP, but didn't know anyone who had one. I looked everywhere to no avail.  Anyway this last week one turned up and I am as happy as Larry. In mint condition as well !!!!!  Apparently it's also on a French Atlantic single, but not seen one


Kris Peterson - Just as much   Nice piece of Modern soul here albeit possibly blue eyed! don't know anything about Miss Peterson, but I'm sure someone out there can enlighten me. All I know is that I loved this from the first time that I heard it. Not often seen and I reckon if you see one for under 100 snap it up.

Bobby Bland - Shoes   Been around for ages this one, but it's here as I've just managed to get a demo  (issue for sale if anyone wants a mint minus one for 40) As with the Rhonda Davis demo (lower down) this is more of a pinky colour than the issue which is  more orange.  The demo is much harder to come by and valued at 130  (150 on Manship). Definitely on my current playlist, as it's got the right feel for nowadays. Don't mix the issue up with the (still not easy to get) pressing with Bud Harper on the flip which goes for around 20 plus.


The Charades - The key to my happiness   Another one of my wants finally found. From the very first notes this is Northern Soul at it's very very best, and it just gets better as it goes along. It just builds up  till it ends in a crescendo of dynamic vocals and full on backing. Perfect for dancing to. A hard one to find and you can expect to pay 250 plus for a mint copy.

Gloria Parker - The best thing for you baby   Don't know why but I wasn't all that keen on this the first time around. But I heard it recently and really enjoyed it. Not often seen on the original Shamar label, I think it was booted on Soul Galore. Can some one tell me why the words " I like bread and butter, I like toast and jam" keep popping into my head when I hear it. Going for 75 - 100 nowadays


Carstairs - It really hurts me girl  Don't know why but I never got round to buying one of these, I have the re issue somewhere in the attic, but it's nice to finally own a proper one, demo as well  Priced around 100 for mint

Kim Weston -  A thrill a moment   Same goes for this piece of Motown magic, it just doesn't com a lot better expect to pay 60 - 70


Patti Drew - Stop and Listen   This, Kim Weston and The Checkmates are 3 of the records that I used to push some 10 - 15 years ago, and they went down reasonably well. I dug them out of my box recently and had another listen, and I've got to say that they are ready for today's scene. Patti Drew started of singing with her sisters in the Drew-vels (ooh where did they get that name!!) and she did OK with Tell him, but this gem from around 1970 is by far her best work in my opinion. Soon as she kicks in with " wait a minute baby" she's got me hooked. Pick one up for around 50, but shop around and you could get a bargain

Kim Weston - You're just the kind of guy   Same story as Patti Drew, crying out to fill the dance floors. Kim Weston needs no introduction as First lady of Motown, but when she left (allegedly cos she never got paid) she went to MGM and didn't do very well.  This is the B side of Nobody,  Expect to see it around 30 - 40 but again look out for a bargain. It's the sort you find for a fiver in the back of dealers boxes.


Sam & Dave - You ain't no big thing baby   Not usually my kind of music.  Colin Welch told me about it, and thought it was an album only track, but a bit of searching came up with this 1963 release, before they were famous.  Belting sound. You might get one for a fiver, but be quick, as it will go 50 plus shortly.

The Checkmate Ltd. - Take all the time you need   My kind of music once again. From 1977 Sony Charles comes up with this cracker. I remember paying 25 years ago. Saw one the other day at 20, but another at 60 so check around.


The Fantastic Puzzles - Come Back   Got to admit I thought I had put this one the site ages ago, I've been playing it a lot recently and it is going down a storm. A 1975 sound out of New York, I know nothing about The Fantastic Puzzles or the label  New Moon, but the record from the very first note is my kind of soul. I must say I can't understand a bloody word he's singing about, it's almost as if he has just returned from the dentist, and his mouth is still swollen, but his voice is fantastic, and the tune is brilliant. Expect to pay 70  for an issue or 120 for a demo.  Larry tells me that they were known as the Puzzles in the 60's and did My sweet baby, then as The Four Puzzles brought out especially for you, both on the Fatback label.

Darrell Banks - I'm the one who loves you   Some 15 years ago I used to play this at Kendal Cricket Club from an album, so when I saw this single for sale I jumped at it. Darrell's is a tragic story, he was gunned down by an off duty policeman who was going with his girlfriend back in 1970, Darrell pulled a gun on him, and the policeman, drew  and shot him first. He'd had a huge hit with Open the door to your heart and Somebody somewhere needs you, and was certainly on the way up, when this tragedy happened.  Great Great record. valued around 200


Kenny Shepard - What difference does it make   I seem to be having a bit of luck recently  with stuff from my wants list turning up, looks like I'm going to have to have a word with my bank manager about another overdraft.  Hard to say no to this nice little demo though. Great intro to it, that sets the pace for a belting sound as Kenny laments about missing his chance to get his girl. Fantastic backing and great female backing vocals. One I've been after for while. Valued 200 - 250

Bobby Cutchins - I did it again   From 1977 come this cheapy but goody.  Great Philly sound from a guy with a great voice. I don't know much about Bobby Cutchins  but his smooth voice over this catchy drift is good enough for me. If this was a dearer record I'm sure it would be bigger, but at around a fiver some DJs won't play it.


Eddie Kendricks - Tell her love has felt the need   Pete reminded me about this absolute magic sound, but I'm really glad he did. You can pick it up for a tenner, and it's one of his best. After leaving the Temptations  Eddie didn't have much success, till he released Keep on trucking, the the Album Boogie Down followed produced by Frank Wilson and featuring this gem

Sam Dees - Come back strong   It was Matty who reminded me about this one. Prompted me to get out one of the greatest LPs of all time. The Show must go on. It's just full of great tracks and this is one of them. Released in 1974 but it was the other side Worn out broken heart  that it was bought for. Nowadays it's Come back strong that is getting the plays, and deservedly so. 20 quid should get you one, but if you see the LP snap it up. CLICK HERE FOR WORN OUT BROKEN HEART


Trumains - Ripe for the pickin'   Another one that doesn't pop up too often is this piece of class from 1977. Great vocals and terrific orchestral backing, and what a catching chorus. If your into 100 MPH stompers don't bother clicking on this one, but if your into quality soul go ahead. Valued 100 - 125

The Precisions - If this is love ( I'd rather be lonely)   Lots of people prefer the Eddie Spencer version of this one (harder to find on Arc) but I'm not sure. From those first few haunting notes and soulful pleas from the Detroit based group and it's got me hooked. Arranged by the legendary Mike Terry and rumoured to have Lou Ragland on tambourine it's a bargain at 20


Pookie Hudson - This gets to me   One of those records that you don't see for sale too often. It was requested one night when I was out DJing, and I didn't have it. Next day I saw this one advertised. Thought it must be a sign! Shame about the writing on the label, but the record plays great. Expect to pay 200 - 250 for one in mint, but alot easier on the red reissue / bootleg.

Ace Spectrum - Live and Learn   Another one from the "Don't send nobody else crew", typical 1976 Ace Spectrum sound that you can pick up for a tenner at the moment. well worth it. Great beat and fantastic vocals.


Philly Devotions - I just can't say goodbye   While I was looking for something else I came across this little gem. 1974 magic. Also released on Colubia Records which is a little easier to find, but well worth the 15 - 30 price tag me thinks! If it was dearer I'm pretty sure this would go massive nowadays.

Intruders - Hang on in there   Mi old mate Jim Smirk played me this down the phone the other night, and before it had finished I'd found one ont  t'internet  for 4 (sickened him off cos he paid 10)  Real nice Philly sound from that year again  1973  (best year ever for soul music) Gamble & Huff magic once again.


New York City Band - Got to have your body.  Well I am a big Luther Vandross fan but I had never heard this one before.  WHAT A RECORD They have even spelt his name wrong on the label, that's how well known he was!  Recorded in 1979 it's got that typical Vandross 80's feel to it. Very catchy melody, and well what can you say about the vocals except brilliant.  If you are quick you can get one for 10 - 15. But be warned this is going to go way up in price.  I hear that it's getting a re issue in August, so people are going to be fighting for the original copies.

Revelation - Sweet Talk & Memories   I've had this one for ages, but it's another one that passed me by, until I had it requested on my radio show.  Cracking 70's track that you should get for a tenner.


Collins & Collins - Top of the stairs    OK I'm showing off now! It really nice to have the issue and the demo of such a great great record. Ashford & Simpson at their very best (their version is fantastic as well) To be honest I don't have them both now, I was DJing in a club and played the issue of this which was then ruined, and ended up with a hiss all the way through.  I sold it on Ebay for a tenner, after it cost me 200 ( please promoters learn from this, alot of us guest DJs pay alot of money for some of our sounds, and because one guy had too much weight on a worn out stylus it cost me 200, and I'll never go back there again)  Anyway just managed to replace it with a lovely demo.


The Jelly Beans - You don't mean me no good    It was at Prestatyn that a mate Kev pointed out how popular this track was, I never really liked it to be honest, a bit too stomperish for me!  I've already got it somewhere on Right on, but when I saw this one in mint condition I thought "what the hell" just do without food for a few days. Rated between 100 and 125

Maxine Brown - Yesterday's Kisses    I remember her singing this at The Cleethorpes weekender a few year's ago, awesome track. Graham Slater reminded me about it, so found it in the attic and what a cracker. Got a release on Wand in the US of A and on Stateside over here. Valued 20 or so.


Al Downing - I'm just nobody    Another Graham Slater suggestions, and another one that I had in the attic. Back to the 70's for this. Not an expensive record, you should find one easily enough for 20

Sandra Richardson - Stay here with me    One of the great things about running this web site, is that people keep suggesting records that they think should go big.  Well thanks to Andy Wagner for reminding me about this belting 70's track Written by our friend Lorraine Chandler and produced by Jack Ashford. I remember buying this about 10 years ago for 3. Not too hard to get hold of nowadays, probably cost you 10 - 20 


GQ - Make my dreams a reality  Just made it in into the 70's is this piece of magic from GQ.  If this was rarer I'm sure it would be much much bigger, as it is you can pick it up for around a tenner. But get one quick as I reckon this is going to go BIG

Al Wilson - I've got a feeling   This man can do no wrong, another cheapie which is so good. 


Gloria Scott - Just as long as we're together    From the lady who gave us Too much love making comes this gem. She has one of the most soulful voices on the scene and on this track she has got it spot on. Think it came out on her Australian LP , and this got a release in the States where as "love making" didn't Expect to pay 20 - 30

Pockets - Come go with me   Getting alot of spins on the other side of The Pennines  ( I suppose it depends on which side your reading this from) yet another 70's cracker. You can pick one up for 30 ish, but expect it to go higher. Another 70's one that is getting more popular day by day. Written and produced by Verdine White from Earth Wind & Fire


Bobby Paris - I walked away    I seem to be buying mainly 70's stuff at the moment, but couldn't resist this beautiful demo in mint condition. Got to be one of the most powerful, soulful things ever. It just builds and builds. Chuffed to pay 200 for it

William Bell - Easy comin' out, hard going in    Back to the 70's for this one. Pete Hawley was asking if any of us lads had got a copy of it, but to be honest I'd never heard it. Anyway Bryan Whitehurst came to the rescue with an MP3.  I just loved it right from the start. Not dear, in fact you can pick one up for 10.  I paid 30  for a mint one, and am delighted. ( update July -  the supply has dried up, you'll pay 50 at least if you can find one)


Regular readers will know I like to collect pairs of records - Well here's a nice pair!!!!

Joe Anderson - You and I  &  Ed Summers - I can tell  Two great records with the same backing. Joe Anderson was the original one back in 1975. Written and produced by David Jordon, but when  it didn't have much success he re wrote it for Ed summers some 5 years later.  I love them both, you can decide for yourself. Expect to pay 50  for either one. Maybe Joe Anderson just a bit cheaper.


David Ruffin & Laverna Mason - I wanna be with you   This man can do no wrong for me, and this song taken from his Gentleman Ruffin album of 1980 is just SOUL MUSIC PERFECTION. Never mind whether your into Northern Soul, Modern Soul R 'n' B, or whatever, if you have never heard this track you are just one click and a couple of minutes away from a real treat. Laverna Mason is not credited on the album or the single which seems an awful shame. (just like when Randy Crawford wasn't credited on Street Life), but she plays such an important role. Big thank you to Kev Jones for getting me this. To be honest I didn't know it was released on a single, but when he showed me this lovely demo I was chuffed to bits.  Valued around 30 but I wouldn't let it go for hundreds.

Z. Z. & Company - Getting ready for the getdown  Absolute cracking mid temp modern tune. Got to admit I know nothing about Z.Z. & Company, apart from the man behind them was Jesse Butler, from Buffalo and he now lives in New York.  This copy is one of those that he had in his garage, along with some Darrell Banks LPs.  Sounds like it was recorded late 70's or early 80's (anyone know) his voice reminds me a little of Bobby Womack, and the tune itself of Clarence Carter - Messing with my mind. (see below) Rated around 100


Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell     Just shows you don't have to spend a lot of money to get soul perfection. Purists no doubt won't like this cos it got in the charts, well my answer to that is get a life.  The dance floor reaction speaks for itself, and it's nice to play it in a set along with expensive records. Some DJs seem to like anything that's rare. Doesn't matter if it's rubbish, as long as it's rare. I was going to say you could get it for a fiver, but just checked a couple of lists out and it's around 330 nowadays.  30 well spent I would say

Jimmy Ruffin - Gonna give her all the love I've got     I was ratching about in the attic looking for something else when I came across this little gem. I though this would go down so well after Marvin & Tammi so I started playing it.  Was massive at Soul in the Sun. It's just a great sing a long soul record. You should find one for a fiver on USA, probably 10 - 15 on english Tamla Motown.


Pioneers - My good friend James     Yes this is the Pioneers who did so many of those reggae songs, but just cast them to the back of your head. If your not too keen on the first play, just give it a few and you will be hooked, great words and a fantastic drift though it make this just a brilliant sound.  Only released in the UK, this is a hard one to find (I've been after it for 2 years, and couldn't find a mint one till now) Recorded in September 1977 it's going for 150 - 180. If you see a good un, get it!!!!

Jimmy Caster - Just you girl     Bought this ages ago and forgot all about it. Usually not my kind of music, but something about it just clicked with me, and I've been humming it without knowing all week.  Not a dear record, you should get one for under a tenner.


Prince Phillip Mitchell -  I'm so happy     OK I know I should have put this one one years ago, but to be honest I thought that I had. Classic 70's track from the man who has done so much for the Northern scene, not only his recordings, but the ones that he has written. I remember back in about 1995 at Kendal Cricket club when Roger Williams introduced me to it, and to be honest it has filled the dance floors every where ever since. It is one of the Soul in the Sun Anthems and just a great sing a long, happy soul record. Going for around 150 - 200 now a days.

The Miracles - Whole lot of shaking in my heart (since I left you)     Another one of those Tamla Motown records that has been doing so well on the dance floors over the past few years. I think it's great that a record doesn't have to be ultra rare to be popular. There are still a a lot of purists who turn their noses up at any thing that isn't as rare as rocking horse droppings. I recently heard a CD of some stuff from one of these guys (who shall remain nameless), and to be honest there wasn't a decent SOUL record on the whole CD. Far too much white British pop crap and painful R & B. The Miracles is just great soul music and can be picked up anywhere for about 5 - 10 (probably cheaper) 


The Valentinos - Sweeter than the day before     I thought this page was getting a bit too 70's so I have just added 3 out of 4 60's tracks to even it out a little. Kick off with this absolute classic from the Womack Brothers recorded back in 1966. Powerful soul all the way through, and one for all those dancers out there. Expect to pay 200 - 250 for a demo and 150 - 200 for an issue.

Denise LaSalle - Love Reputation    More of my pace is this one for just a year later in 1967. The same backing as Nolan Chance - Just like the weather and featuring the awesome voice of Denise LaSalle, she is so under estimated. You could pick it up for 20 but I reckon today your talking 50 at least.


The O'Jays - To prove I love you     Jumping to the 80's (well 1980) for this one. I must thank Dave Morris for putting me on to this  Another one of those tracks that I missed, I have the album The Year 2000 but this one went right over my head. Typical Philly track from the masters Gamble and Huff. Should get one for less than a tenner.

The Rosebuds - Say you'll be mine    The up and coming (his words not mine) Matty Sherlock played this at Soul in the Sun. I'd never heard it before, but like it straight away. He tells me that he read a review about it by Soul Sam some 18 months ago, and has just managed to get one. Well done Matty and Sam a great record. I don't think you will see one for less than 200 in good nick. A monster waiting to happen


The Shirelles - Last minute miracle    I used to have this years ago, and to be honest I haven't come across it much since. Always been a favourite of mine so when I saw one in mint, I thought I'd treat myself. Only about 30  so if you see one get it.

Ann Peebles - If this is heaven    I had the pleasure in interviewing Ann Peebles on the radio this year, and what a fantastic lady she is. Of course we talked about I can't stand the rain, and I'm gonna tear your playhouse down, but she was taken aback when I told her that my favourite records of hers, and one of my dessert island disc was If this is heaven.  As you can see it was recorded on the Hi record label, written and produced by Willie Mitchell, and taken from her only album for the label. Not rare, but hard to find (if that makes sense) 10 - 20 should secure one at the moment.


Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes    Getting alot of plays up in Yorkshire, this isn't hard to find and you should get one for around a tenner. But mark my words it is set to go up drastically. Typical Philly sound from the gang, just after they left Philadelphia International Records and David Ebo was taking lead after the departure of Teddy Pendergrass in 1976 Great great record.

Jean Carn - If you wanna go back    I've just mentioned The Philly sound and this lady is one of the best from back in the days when she didn't have an E after her name! It's got the greatness of Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff right though it, with those distinctive vocals of one of the most underestimated female singers of all time. You should find this for a tenner, but in my book it's worth much much more.


Flashlight - She's pulling my strings    My mate Jim Smirk played this one down the phone to me, and I instantly liked it. I told him that I'd never heard it before, them after playing it a few times remembered it was on the CD working the Modern Room, and also on Night Owl Volume 3. Originally only came out on the LP Flashlight, but this one side demo single was brought out by those great chaps at Jay Boy. Another one that's hard to find, going for 40 - 50

George & Gwen McCrae - Winners together or losers apart    Cracking track from husband and wife team "The McCraes" Written and produced by the legendary Clarence Reid from their first (and I think only) album together. There's a few knocking about. I picked up this demo about 5 years ago for 15. I'm happy with that


Bobby Womack - Tried & Convicted    I started playing this about 10 years or more ago and it didn't go down too well in the Northern clubs, maybe it's time to give it another go.  Womack can't do alot wrong for me, and this is in my top 10 tracks of his. Not a dear record, probably get one for 10 - 20 but they don't seem to pop up too often. It's got that typical Womack thing of No no no no no (a bit like that old chap on Vicar of Dibley) I think it came out on the CD smoothers and Groovers yonks ago.  Great record

Johnny Nash - (I'm so) Glad your my baby    My mate Pat mentioned that this was popular in the Birmingham area, I was certain that I had it somewhere so I looked through some records in the attic, and sure enough it was there. The right pace for today's scene (similar to Bobby Womack) and another great record. Don't know what it's worth, I would guess around 20 or so.


Greg Perry  -  It takes heart    Was a massive tune in the modern rooms back in the 80's and it seems it's popularity has grown our this last year. One of five  brothers Greg only had a couple of releases, this probably his best. Typical 80's soul sound with a great danceable beat. A few years ago you could pick this up for a tenner, expect to pay 50 plus nowadays

Jeff Perry - Love don't come no stronger (than yours and mine)    One of Greg's brothers Jeff (also recorded under the name Jeffree) Absolute monster record some years back, and still a floor filler. You should find one for around 10


Baby Washington - Just can't get you out of my mind    The very first time that I heard this, I knew that it was my kind of music, that year AGAIN, 1973. Boy if I could go back I would buy every soul record released that year (problem was I was just married and broke). Not the usual gritty Baby Washington track but a mid tempo smoothy. It plods along nicely then every now and again we hear that dynamic voice of Miss Washington. If you play it and don't like it, just play it a few more times, it will grow on you, honest You should pick it up for less than 20

Lou Rawls - See you when I git there Mentioned further down this page as the other side of Groovy People, this is another release. This was released as the A side then put out again with Groovy People on the other side. Getting a huge following on the scene now, it's just one of those happy sing a long soul records from the Philly stable. Lots of them about for around 5 - 10 well worth it.


The Masqueraders - How big is big    This is one of these records that grows and grows on you. If you a 100 MPH stomper fan you'll hate this, but if your a soul fan your gonna like it. Not easy to get hold of, rate around 100.

Detroit Spinners - I've got to make it on my own  It was Kev Jones who put me on to this little gem. Released on the Album "New & improved" which is fairly common, but the single is a hard one to find. Only came out on British and around the same price as The Masqueraders.


Bobby Kline - Say something nice to me    Got to start these latest records with one that I've been after for 15 years, you just don't see it. Soul music perfection, it needs no introduction so click on the label and enjoy it. Apparently there are two different versions of this demo, some have the labels the wrong way round, I'm happy to say that mine doesn't. Hard to put a value on this but around 900 - 1000

The Major IV - All of my love  I've never heard of The Major IV before when  John Atkinson got me this. He knows what I like and said it's right up my street. Nice record that certainly grows on you. 50 is the going rate.


Jimmy Ruffin - I will never let you get away    From one extremely hard record to find, to a dead easy one, but what a good record! When Jimmy Ruffin brought out Farewell is a lonley sound the second time (TMG 922) and did so well with it, this was on the B side. Missed by many of us until now. Check it out it'a cracker. You should get one for 5 or 10.

Larry Wedgeworth - No more games   My current favourite record. It was Graham Slater who put me on to it, he knows my taste in music. It was recorded for a basket ball team, The Boston Celtics. (The long version on the other side introduces the team) From what I can gather the team were dis banding due to financial problems, and Larry Wedgeworth who was a keen fan, brought out this track and a final tribute to them. Hard record to find, and priced at around 100, but be warned this is going to go through the roof I reckon. Fits in great with Ernie Johnson - Big man cry (below)


Tavares - Too late    4 cheapies coming up now, but great records well worth having in your collection. Tavares from back in 1974 is an underestimated modern sound, that you should pick up for a fiver.

Smoky and the Bears - We go together    From the same label as Rita and the Tiaras is this stomping instrumental track that fits right into the Northern Soul scene. Should pick one up for 10 or so


Lou Rawls - Groovy People    Another B side this one. It was released on the other side of the Philly Int Golden Oldies series of See you when I get there. Another one that Graham Slater is championing. Should cost around 5

Tyrone Barkley - Man of value    It's nice when an old classic (that didn't reach it's full potential) does the rounds again. Once again valued at a fiver, but one of those that will surely go up in value, so get one now.



Pat & the Blenders - Just Because    Got to be honest and admit I hadn't heard this one till we went to Tenerife in November, what a great track. Typical 60's song, with nice vocals and backing and plod along tempo. Going for around 300 and what a great name for a record label.

Sonja Grier - Right here, Right now    Just released (available from Crazy Beat) and a great great sound. This is the sort of stuff that can convert even the most die hard stomper only fan. Real Soul music and it will only cost you a tenner


I am so pleased to have finally got "the pair"

Magnificents - There can be a better way    Well it's taken me 18 months but I finally got one. Slightly different (more soulful) than The Smith Brothers Just a great great record. Seen go in auctions for 700, I was offered one for 1500 very hard record to find. I reckon 500 is about right. Smith Brothers 5 on Grapevine

Smith Brothers - There can be a better way    18 months for The Magnificents and almost 2 years for The Smith Brothers. They sound just about the same, but what a nice couple of records.  This is the harder one of the two, and I don't think you'll get one for less than 700 Remember though 5 on Grapevine

I was so chuffed about the above sounds, I thought I would promote the other "great pair"  from two years ago


For years now, in fact ever since I heard the 70's version on the Crossover Soul CD, I have wanted these two records, I got the 60's version, (which is the harder one to find) a couple of years ago,  and I have just managed to get the 70's one. The one on Car-a-mel is the original 60's version, (Same inst as Larry Laster - Go for yourself). Ty's voice has that soulful harshness that makes her so unique (similar to Bettye LaVette).  The Romark version is slower, in my opinion perfect to dance to nowadays, her soulful, rasping vocals just tear me apart. Expect to pay 500 plus for either (and rising)


Jimmy Ruffin - Don't feel sorry for me    It was one of Soultimes' regular readers that put me on to this one. I knew the record well but just needed a reminder how good it really is. The first record Jimmy Ruffin did way back in 1961, and the first record on the Miracle label. Great great sound for today, it sounds so good. Expect to pay 200 - 250 but mark my words this is going to fly up in price, so get one today (if you can find one)

Ike Strong - I owe you my life    Good old John Atkinson played me this down the phone and asked if I wanted one, I nearly bit his hand off, what a great track, I know nothing about Ike Strong, except I love this record. Valued at around 70 - 100, but you might still get one cheaper than that if you look around.


Collins & Collins - Top of the stairs   Needs no introduction, just a great great modern sound (1980) Been on my wants list for 10 years, but never seen one in mint condition before. Valued around 200 - 250

Bottom & Company - Gonna find a true love   Not the usual Motown sound (I think they did 2 on Motown) But got to say my kind of music. Nice floating sort of soul record Expect to pay around 250


Michael Wycoff - Looking up to you    I've been trying to get SOX Baxter to sell me his for years, to no avail, so I had to be happy with the Album( now for sale if anyone wants it) Henry Atkinson turned one up on his last visit to USA so I snapped his hand off when it came on his list. Just great soul music, and I've got to say that I prefer this to the old 1000MPH stompers nowadays. I just wish some of the dedicated oldies fans would open their minds up a little and listen to quality SOUL like this. Expect to pay 70 - 100 for a mint copy

Jimmy Ruffin - We finally found out   I heard all the hype about this " new discovery" and thought it can't be as good as people are saying. I was wrong, I absolutely love it. Jimmy's voice is un mistakable as he tells us how he has finally found love. I've got to admit that I've doctored this a bit. I thought that there was too many "instrumental breaks" in it, so I took some out.  Crazy beat still have some it stock for a tenner if you are quick.


T. C. Lee & The Bricklayers - Up and down the hill    The next couple are ones that I usually like, but there are both two great records. T.C. Lee is one that I had on my wants list 6 or 7 years ago, but they just don't turn up. Henry Atkinson once again came up trumps. Nice copy on the King promo (the issue is in blue as in Cody Black further down) If you see one for sale it's going to be 650 - 800 I'm afraid.

Dean Barlow - Third window from the right    I hadn't heard this one until we went to Soul in the Sun back in 2003, and to be honest I didn't like it. But over the past 2 years it has certainly grown on me & judging by the reaction on the dance floor it's not just me. Another hard one to find and it's going to cost you 200 plus nowadays.


Nicole Willis & The Soul Investigators    OK I know this is a new record, but what a cracker. It's from Finland and mark my words this is going to be a biggie. Have a listen, you would think that it's from the 60's. Good beat, good vocals. Already seen on lists at 20, but you can still get one direct from the makers. Contact them at timmion@gmail.com

Barbara West - Congratulations Baby    You know there's a lot of records that we overlook, and this is one of them. Not too hard to find and I reckon you can get one for around  20 - 30. One that I think could go up in price as it starts to get played in the clubs again. I'm certainly going to start playing it again


Archie Bell & the Drells - Old People    A couple of mates both sent me a CD the other week, and they both included this track. I'll tell you what it just grows and grows on you. Typical Philly groove track. Taken from the Album Let's clean up the ghetto in 1977 it's a great track that you can pick up for around 25 at the moment.

Ernie Johnson - Big man cry    John Atkinson mention this to me one day while on the phone, and said it's my kind of music. How right he was. From 1978 this is destined to be a biggie, mark my words. You might be lucky enough to get one for around  50 - 60 but will be well over 100 before too long me thinks.  


Buddy Miles - I'm just a kiss away    When Jimi Hendrix started The Band of Gypsies it was Buddy Miles who played drums for him. Forget that impression of him, this is nothing like that stuff. It's just a great 70's track. At last it has grown into floor filling status in the Northern Clubs. Produced by the great Johnny Bristol. expect to pay around 100 for one nowadays.

The Girls - The hurts still here    First heard a DJ (sorry can't remember your name) play it at Newton Aycliffe a few month ago. Straight away it was my kind of soul, so I started to track it down. Took a while but finally managed to get one. Another great 70's track that oozes soul music. 50 should get you one if you can find one! 

The Dynamics - You make me feel good    I had never heard this when a guy (sorry I can't remember your name) wanted my spare copy of Willie Hightower. I very rarely buy records that I have never heard (got lots that I wish I hadn't bought) but he convinced me that I'd like it. He was right. Apparently it's a popular all nighter record, which I would not know about as I don't do all nighters anymore. Nice floating kind of sound that grows on you.



Doris Troy - Face up to the truth    What a peach of a record this is, from the lady who wrote and had a huge hit with Just one look, and is well known for her Northern classic - I'll do anything, this to me is her best record by far. Starts off slowly with Doris lamenting about her lost love, but she soon lets go with her very soulful mourning's. Great horns though out help to make this so good. Pity it's only 2 minutes long. The only thing that she recorded for Capitol (I think) A real hard one to find and if you do you can expect to pay in the region of 250 I reckon.

The Smith Brothers - There can be a better way    Pete Stone got this popular again at last November's Soul in the Sun. A belting record originally done on the Soul Dimension label and by The Magnificents on the MAM label which are as rare as rocking horse droppings. John Manship says that they are different groups, but they sound the same to me! (anyone got either for sale eddy@soultime.org.uk ) The Grapevine one is getting harder to find, but well worth the trouble of looking. 


Virgil Henry - You ain't saying nothing new    One of the lesser known Motown artistes, and one not really associated with Motown is Virgil Henry. Also recorded this on Colossus, but it is a slightly different version (so I'm told). He has a very distinctive voice. One of these days this kind of mid tempo soulful magic will fill the dance floors I hope. Surely people will get fed up with those overplayed sad 100 MPH oldies that some DJs keep inflicting on us! There are so many records of this ilk that should get more plays. Recorded way back in 1966, which makes you think that with a bit of luck, this could have become a massive world wide hit, and Virgil Henry could have been a household name like Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye or Diana Ross!  (dream on Ed) Valued around the 200 mark, but not often seen.

Eugene Record - Overdose of Joy    Another one that I bought from Pete Meadows, who is currently selling lots of his records on Ebay (do a advanced search under popstheman in the specific sellers section) Eugene Record was the lead singer with The Chi Lites, and I would class this as one his best ever records. The words are certainly listening to. There's this guy with some mysterious illness, "stretched out in the middle of the room". He hasn't been robbed, and when they bring in the doctor, he realises that he's suffering from an overdose of joy (what a lucky fellow). I have enjoyed it every time I have heard it, but when THAT MAN Terry Jones plays it, it just seems to take on an extra dimension. (as with most of the tracks he plays). When played in the right room, to the right crowd, by the right man this record is just the highlight of any soul night. Expect to pay 15 - 20 

OK, I know I am always going on about certain records being great, awesome etc, but these two are just AWESOME, be warned if you don't know them, you are in for the best 5 minutes ever. These two come with a health warning,  "too much soul can damage your taste"  If you are one of those 100% oldies fans who just will not listen to proper soul music, I dare you to click on these two sounds. You will not want to listen to some of those over played 100 MPH tunes again!  You have been warned.


Towana & The Total Destruction - Wear your natural baby    I just can't put into words how good this is. From the moment Towana opens her mouth with the first note, it's got Soul all over it. Sounds very much like Ty Karim,  rumour has iot that it is her daughter, but good old Roger the Dodger confirmed that it is actually Ty Karim herself.  I can't say anything else about this, it's just great What do you think?  Email Eddy  If you can find one your talking around 250 I reckon.

Candi Staton - Too hurt to cry    This is on the Get Involved CD that came out a few years ago, that was the first time I had heard it and I fell in love with it straight away. Good old Pete sold me his copy. Not dear at 10 - 15 but another one guaranteed to get those hair on the back of your neck standing up. Certainly the best record that Candi Staton has ever recorded (in my humble opinion). If you ever hear someone use the phrase "tent music" and wonder what the hell they are on about, these last two just sum it up to perfection.


The Ringleaders - Baby what has happened to our love    Classic Northern soul and very popular on the dancefloors at present, one of those instantly recognisable starts that has people rushing to the dance floor. It seems to be growing in popularity again and at present you won't find a mint one for less than 350 - 400 

John Bowie - Your gonna miss a good thing (baby)    This is another that you don't come across everyday, a mid tempo piece of magic, with a great baritone sax, popping up now and then. Good vocals from John Bowie, who later went on to become John and the Weirdest ( of "Can't get over these memories" fame) thanks to Tony Coleby for that.  Very catchy drift to it, that has you singing it all day. If seen it should be around 200


Chocolate Boys - Voltaire Pier  Had it covered as Ramsey Lewis - Down by the waterhole, (not knowing that he has a record with that title!).  From the first haunting piano notes this is a classic Northern Soul Instrumental. It got those classic breaks and a great beat. Kev Jones introduced me to it and It's a floorfiller everywhere it's played. John Manship found out about it and had 2 that both sold for 50 straight away. 

Red West Combo - My Babe   Had it covered as Booker T - Soul Bosa Nova, Apparently Red West was Elvis Presley's body guard. This takes you back to those Smokey  old clubs of the sixties with a typical Booker T sound. Organ up front with a big bass line and you would think Steve Cropper on guitar. Was available for a tenner but I see Mr Manship has upped his price to 50.  Mmmmmm!


Willie Hightower - Because I love you    This is just absolutely brilliant, and I reckon one of the best "Northern Soul" records that I have heard for years. I bought the new CD "Willie Hightower " put together by Honest John records and this track just jumped out and grabbed me by the throat. I thought that it was an un released track, but while searching the internet record dealers for something else I came across it. It's got everything a good Northern record should have. Great soulful vocals, great beat and very catchy hook line. I am going to play this everywhere that I DJ at until it's as massive as it deserves to be. By all accounts it isn't supposed to be a hard record to find. But you try finding one. Expect to pay 100 soon 

Brice Coefield - Ain't that right    Another from my long term wants list, I've seen a few but not in good enough condition for me (I'm very fussy) So when I saw this lovely demo I jumped at it. Once again great soulful vocals, which is so important to me, so many times I hear some DJs play stuff that just isn't soul music, but make no mistake here. Rated at 250 - 300, but I don't think you'd find a demo in as good condition for less than 350


Ike & Tina Turner - Crazy bout you baby    Another one of those tracks that I hadn't heard for years, then I heard it on a CD that someone gave me, and tracked it down. Not a dear records 10 - 20 but I reckon one of Tina Turner's best. Just right to make a welcomed return to our scene.

Tyrone Edwards - Can't get enough of you    I played this on "A Taste of Soul"  (Lakeland Radio Sunday nights 7 till 10) while I was doing a thing on Holland Dozier Holland and remembered what a great record it was. At the Blackpool Soul Weekend Pat Wallace bought it blind, and I told him that he'd got a belter. I ordered one when I got home, then found that I already had one in the garage! (anyone want to buy a UK issue for 15) Once again that magic word SOUL comes to mind.


Dee Dee Sharp - Deep Dark Secret    Someone told me about this a year ago, and it completely slipped my mind, I eventually found a copy and have got to say what a awesome record it is. Kicks off with some stunning horns, then Dee Dee's gritty vocals kick in. Some call it R & B, but for me it's just pure SOUL MUSIC. Raw it certainly is, but a gem of a record. Expect to pay 250 - 300 if you can find one. Very hard to find on a demo 


Classic Sullivans - Shame Shame Shame    Brilliant floater by The Classic Sullivans who gave us paint yourself in a corner. Very catchy with a commercial drift through it. and one that you sing to yourself while your out walking. I've seen this for 150 ( Hip City Records at present) and also at 300, I reckon 150 is more realistic, but with the price of record nowadays you just can't tell. 

Gayle Adams - Baby I need your loving    First time I heard this I thought what a .load of crap, "how can anyone touch the Four Tops version?  But I've got to admit it grows on you.  Certainly a floor filler that's for sure. One went for 200 on Ebay (I bet he's kicking himself) but I think you should find one for 30 - 40 


Carol Anderson - Sad Girl    Doesn't come much better than this for me. From the first guitar notes it just gets better and better. I've been on the look out for the past 10 years, but have never come across one. What a great label as well. I was delighted to pay 200.   

Ruby Andrews - Just loving you    Ditto (as Carol Anderson) an absolute classic that I've been after for yonks!  Finally persuaded Karen to part with her copy. Ruby's haunting vocals just make this record, with a great string arrangement in the background and the plonking guitar and drums . . .MAGIC Expect to pay 150 - 200.


Barbara McNair - Your gonna love my baby    Another one persuaded Karen to flog me (she hates to see a grown man cry) Needs no introduction, just one of the greatest Motown records ever

Percy Sledge - Heart of a child    A real cheapy this one ($5 - $10) but get one now. I've played it a few venues and lots of guys have come and asked me about it. A haunting start with a sax plodding it's way though the song in the background, joined by the typical Atlantic horns and string section. If you loke Soloman Burke - Cry to me, go out and get this.


Bill  Bush - I'm waiting    I've been after this for ages, but find one in good condition is hard. I missed two then dropped in lucky with this copy, in almost mint condition.  You have to be careful with this as apparently alot of them were pressed with the hole not in the center, mine is in the center although the label is not. Heard of one going last year for 280, but I don't think you'll see one in good nick for much less than 800, and as high as 1,200

The  "5"  Royales - Catch that teardrop     Possibly the second biggest R'n'B tracks around after Bill Bush, again hard to get in good condition, so I was delighted to find this one in almost mint condition. One of the few R'n'B tracks that I like. and it has the classic R'n'B sound to it. Expect to pay 350 - 400 pound for a good un on this  original label. Slightly cheaper on ABC 


Marv Johnson - Come on and stop    What's this your thinking, another R'n'B in Eddy's collection. Well I've got to admit to liking this one.  Very catchy drift to this, and without doubt still a popular record on the dance floor. Seen anywhere from 75 to 200 nowadays.

The Drifters - Baby what I mean   Sometimes we forget about those cheap oldies that are so so good, and this is one of them. to me it sounds alot better than it did all those years ago. Should get one for a tenner. 

. . . . .

Otis Clay - The only way is up    Recorded in th1980, way before Yazz made a fortune from it, this is the proper version. As you would expect it's by far the better version. Life isn't fair is it,  I bet he made "nowt" from it. Going for between 50 and 70 at present. Well worth it I reckon.

Timi Yuro - It'll never be over for me    One of the closing records from Soul in the Sun, and I'm sure it needs no introduction. Just blinding music from the late Timi Yuro. One of the few white artistes with real soul. I was going to say that you would expect to pay around the 400 - 500 for one on Liberty, but just seen one go on Ebay last week for 801 

Melvin Davis - You made me over    Another one of those records that I have been after for years, but after meeting him at Prestatyn this year I was even more determined. It's my favourite track from Detroit born Mr Davis, and it just oozes Soul from the very start. Released in THAT year again 1973 

Debbie Taylor - Never gonna let him know    While I was delving in my box (so to speak) I came across this little cracker, can't remember when I bought it, but as soon as I put it on the turn tables I knew WHY I bought it, magic soul music, from a lady with so much talent, just just didn't get the acclaim she deserved. (like so many) A voice to die for and I think I've got an album of hers somewhere, it's about time I started looking for it me thinks!


Click on record to hear it

Debbie Taylor - I don't want to leave you / Just don't pay    While we are on with Debbie Taylor I just thought that I would put this next record on because it's just pure magic. Forget Northern Soul, R & B, Crossover, Modern, Ska, house etc or whatever other factor of our music that you prefer, THIS IS SOUL. If you haven't heard Debbie Taylor before, you are in for the treat of a lifetime, honest.  Just sit back, turn the speakers up, close your eyes and enjoy soul music perfection. The scan is the UK release, but the audio is the USA version. (because the UK label looks better, but the USA release has a longer 'rap' near the end)  Turn it over and there's another piece of soul magic. " Fantastic tracks for around a tenner, what are you waiting for?


Click on record to hear it


Dottie & Millie - Talking about my baby    Got to admit this isn't my usual taste, but boy does it grow on you, and it has to be one of the most popular records of the last 12 months. Seen recently as low as 100 and as high as 275, it's one of those. Don't know what year it was recorded, but it has to be around 1964 ish I reckon. Sounds like it's been recorded in someone's garage, vocals aren't too clever, I'm sure there's an odd out of tune horn or two! But like I say it's catchy. Don't really know what it's got to do with soul music though.

We the People - Making my daydream real    Now we are talking my kind of music. I've been after one for a while, and was chuffed when I won one on Ebay.    IT's THAT year again 1973, I've said it once (and will no doubt say it again) but 1973 is in my opinion THE best year for soul music, so many great great tunes. From the first note it ooozes soul music in a very laid back style. That builds up as the record goes on.  Great vocals and fantastic arrangements. Going for around the 100 mark at the moment

This was on this page from way back in June, 2001, I've just brought it forward

- -

Robert John............Can't stop loving you    This has been "my baby" since 1998, and as far as I know I am the only one to play it. (Carl Willingham has now got one)  I don't know much  about Robert John, I think he had 3 hits with :- Sad eyes, The lion sleeps tonight and Hey there lonely girl, but they aren't really up to much.  I believe he also recorded under John Robert!. Anyway if you like 'Raindrops' this track will kill you, it's mid-tempo magic, with a catchy drift that haunts you. Can anyone help with more information about this record please? I've only seen an odd one listed over the past 10 years, at around a tenner.

Which brings me on to .......


Robert John............If you don't want my love.....&......Raindrops love and sunshine.   Since I brought Can't stop loving you forward on the records page I have had a number of people saying how much they like "if you don't want my love", and I totally agree with them. A great mid tempo track, so while I was scanning it in, I though what the hell, lets have "Raindrops" as well (the other side is also good "when the party is over"). You should get If you don't want me by now for around 10 - 15, and raindrops for around  30 - 40

Click on record to hear it


Sam Dees - Lonely for you   There's not alot I can say about this record, that hasn't already been said, I could use words like awesome, classic, brilliant, soulful, rare, but you've heard them all. Just click on the picture and enjoy Soul music at it's best. From the first haunting notes, of the bass guitar and the drums, right through to the fade out at the end, a mouth watering piece of dance floor filling perfection.

Hmmmmmm  Now then you're thinking, never heard Chicane by Black Blood before!   Well little wonder really cos it's a load of crap. So why has our mate Eddy put it on his web site, and said it's one of the best records ever made? Because it's got the wrong label on it that's why! Click on the label to hear another magical sound. The first time I heard it was on Richard Searling Show years ago. He said it was one of the best records that he had ever heard. I thought Hmmm not bad but i wouldn't go that far. I played the tape in my car that week, and the next time i heard it thought yes it is quite good, the next time I thought yes very good. Then for the next two days just played it over and over again.  Like Sam Dees it starts with a very distinctive intro. It's funny to see all the real soul fans rush to the dance floor, and all the (dare I say) dinosaurs go and sit down.

Most of the dancers just shuffle along with their eyes shut, with hurtful expressions on their faces as they sing along.

"Her" voice starts with the pleading lines "I wake in the morning and there you are, in my mind again" (got it yet), she then goes on to say that all day all she can think about is 'you' even at the movies, and yes when she goes to bed as well.

The last half of the record is just heart wrenching Soul with a capitol S, as she cries that she "can't go on without 'you'   "these memories are driving me mad" (Got it yet) well it is Almeta Latimore - These memories and if you have not heard it before, sit back, turn the speakers up, and enjoy. It will make the hairs stick up on the back of you neck, and will bring a tear to your eye.


David Ruffin - Rode by the place I used to stay   It was the same week that I had an Email from Vaughan and a phone call from Sean about this record. It was another one of those that past me by. Regular viewers will know how much I love David Ruffin and I cannot believe how I missed this. I got the CD out "Essential David Ruffin" and WOW. I did of course know it, but just hadn't realised how great a sound "rode by" was. Ruffin perfection. This is the English Motown (b side of You're my peace of mind) but it's also on at least 2 USA issues as well. I've got a copy with Just  let  me hold  you for  a night on the a side, and one I've seen has I can't stop the rain on the other side. Going for 50 plus at present

The Modulations - I'm hopelessly in love   Sock Baxter put me on to this a year or so ago. If you like fast up tempo stompers don't bother to click on the label. BUT if you like real good soul music click now.  I think The Modulations did just two records for Buddah, the other one is "Your love has me locked up" (10) but this is the better of the two.  Hard one to find, and you can expect to pay in the region of 50.


Frankie & Johnny - I'll hold you  I know I am always slanging off 60's pop music, but I reckon this has a touch of soul to it. A hard one to get hold of (even harder on British Decca). From the first striking note it's a great dance record.  I know nothing about Frankie & Johnny.  They sound as white as I am, but can sing a bit better.  It's the strings and things in the background that make it for me. TO ALL TRUE SOUL FANS.......sorry !

The O'Jays - This time baby  I keep saying that a record doesn't have to be rare to be good, and this is a prime example. Remember The O'Jays classic that got in the pop charts "You used to be my girl?"  Turn it over and you've got this classic Philadelphia - Thomas Bell sound. We shouldn't care about the price of records should we? This is just magic. Pick it up for a fiver at the most.


The Topics - Booking up baby  You know what it's like when there's a record that you love, but never hear it played anywhere, and you never see one for sale? Well this is it for me, when all of a sudden it appeared on Anglo American and I was quick enough to grab it (thanks John). It's just mid tempo perfection. Remember those days when we wouldn't look at any thing this slow, it was all Williams and Watson and Sandi Sheldon speed. Well I' must have "matured" or something cos this is just a different class. As hard to find as rocking horse shit, but if you do see one, it will be around 300

Eddie Kendricks - Going up in smoke  At The Keirby Hotel in Burnley, good old John Atkinson gave me this and said you'll like this. I didn't recognise it till I got it home, then of course I knew it and as usual John was right. Kendricks's voice is un mistakable on this piece of magic. Should be around 10 - 15 so if you see it don't hesitate.


Ambilique - Talk like that   I know the label is pretty crap, and some guys I know have got a really bad copy, but mine is fine. It is from Jamaica, and I believe that they are renowned for bad quality, but click on the label and enjoy one of the best releases for ages in my opinion. (I have heard that goldmine are bringing it out for a fiver, and better quality)

Ed Summers - I can tell    I've said it before, but this is my kind of music, recorded in 1980, its just got a great vocal, and great words, play it a couple of times and you will be singing the chorus all day. Seen as high as 70 and as low as 40


Otis Redding - Look at that girl   It was me "old" mate Dick Keogh who came up to me ages ago and said have you got that Otis Redding track Look at that girl dance.  I knew I had it somewhere, as I've loads of Otis Redding stuff. I kept forgetting to dig it out, then just before we went to Soul in the Sun I thought I'd take it with me. What a bloody great record, perfect for today I reckon, and one that I'm going to play every time I'm out. Have a listen and see if you agree. Thanks for that Dick!

Baby Washington - Leave me alone  I'm not a real R & B fan, but THIS IS SOUL, fantastic. I did write that I couldn't get an original of this but then got two in the same week. (so if anyone wants to buy one let me know, also got a pressing for sale) Can't wait to see the lady at Prestatyn. It oozes soul from the first note, and has grown to be one of the most popular records of the moment. Used to demand 70, but you should be able to get one now for 40 - 50


Pete Warner - I just want to spend my life with you  I just to have this years ago, I think I got it in a soul pack. Try getting it now. I've got to say that this is my kind of music nowadays, and getting massive. Expect to pay 70 - 100 nowadays

Johnny Bristol - Loves no longer got a hold on me  It was Roger "the dodger" Williams who sent me this on a CD about 6 or 7 years ago, and I've been looking out for one since. Anglo American came up trumps again (along with Pete Warner) great great soul music. priced at around 30 - 40 


Archie Bell & the Drells - Where will you go when the party is over Got to thank two people for this record, Martin Dransfield, cos he was the guy who started playing it, at Sheridans, and Des Jones who gave me this copy.  When I first heard it at Soul in the Sun it was one of those "what the heck is this" records. It just grows and grows on you. Play it 3 or 4 times on the trot and you'll be another convert. Should only be a ten pound record, but hard to get hold of. If anyone can get me a copy please let me know, then I can give Des this one back.  Cheers mate 

Esther Phillips - I've never found  a man  Another "Yorkie" put me on to this, Graham Slater. He told me he had a spare copy and I gave him the money then and there. Best thing I did that night I reckon. Esther haunting voice is at her very best in this 70's recording. Good on ya Graham

. . . .

The Spinners - Are you ready for love  To be honest with you I quite like the Elton John version, well at least the one that features The Spinners on the last two choruses. But this one recorded back in 1979 is a gem. Thom Bell had a hand in writing it,. and it's just a great record. Not dear at around a tenner, but not an easy one to find.

Bloodstone - Just wanna get the feel of it  1978 this time, I presume that it's the same Bloodstone who gave us Natural High, but this is nothing like it. More of a Philly sound to it, I wouldn't have known it was Motown. Good ol' John Atkinson came up with it again, and at around 15 I reckon a good buy and destined to go higher.  (  UPDATE  March 2008  . . . . . now going for 100 plus)


. . .

A couple of cheapies these next two, but wow what great soul records  ....

Aretha Franklin - Integrity  Came out on the Album "Whose zooming you", and on the B side of Jumping Jack Flash!!! and more recently on the Goldmine CD The Village Inn. Quite simply one of the best records that I have heard Aretha do, and boy does that take some beating when you think of her many great songs. Discovered by the best DJ in the land...Terry Jones, and all you have to do is take a listen, and you will see why he is the best.

Jerry Butler - Let's make love  Jerry Butler on Philadelphia International?  Didn't know he recorded for them, just goes to show what I know eh! This is a great mid tempo track with The Iceman's very distinctive vocals. Not dear so keep your eyes open for it.

Wade Flemons - Jeanette  Another one of those records that I have been after for ages, I have had chance of a few but not in mint condition, so when this came up I had to have it. From the first piano notes to the end Jeanette is THE perfect Northern Soul record. I think it is still one of the scenes most popular floor filler, another one that when I'm out, it will stay in the box, and the re-issue will go on the decks, I want it to stay mint!!! (any comments) 


The 7th Avenue Aviators - You should 'o held on Another one of those records that I have been after for ages, so was chuffed to bits when a mint copy turned up on Joe Dunlop's list. Even better when I saw it was a demo (never seen one before) From the first haunting notes it's another of those floor filling classics. Recorded in December 1964, it's hard to believe what good condition it's in. If you see one anywhere expect to pay around the 400 mark. 

The Futures - Party Time Man  I first heard this when a mate of mine (Kev Jones) sent me it on a CD back in May 2001, boy I wish I had bought on then, (i reckon I could have got one for a tenner, but no like a fool didn't bother. It has now gone to monstrous proportions in as much as I think it's fair to say it is one of the most in demand 70's record at present. I have seen it for as much as 150. Got to say my kind of music. Keep your eyes open in junk shops, there's bound to be a few about.

Rita and the Tiaras - Gone with the wind is my love  There is very little I can say about this record , it is just one of the best (Northern) Soul records ever made. From the first haunting notes it to the very last it is just soul perfection. When "Rita's" voice comes in you can actually feel the hurt that she is going through as she tells how her lover has upped and done a runner. It is perfect to dance to, there is even a part to clap to, it's got everything. I must thank Graham Paddock for parting with it, I know he didn't really want to but I know he doesn't like to see a grown man cry, and that's what I did when he told me he didn't want to sell. When you hear it in a club, get to the dance floor as quick as you can, cos it is only 2 minutes long. Now sit back, click on the label, and tell me if I'm not right......Soul perfection.   August 2011 one just sold on auction for 1800


Charles Johnson - Never had a love so good   From 1980 came this piece of magic from Charles Johnson, all the way through it's a great soul record. UNTIL the last 30 seconds when he erupts and the soul belches out how he's never had a love like this before. Another hard one to get which demands 300 plus at present. 


Just saw these at the bottom of the page from back in 1991, 

they deserve to be higher up the page so I've promoted them.

. . . .

Tan Geers - Let your heart and soul be free I first heard Tan Geers at Cleethorpes 5 years ago, and straight away fell in love with it, I had to ask Wayne Hudson what it was. From the first note to the last it is just soul perfection. The other side (What's the use in my trying) used to be the in demand side, but Let you heart and soul be free is the current floor filler. 

The Seven Souls - I still love you How on earth can you follow Tan Geers, well how about with the best soul record ever made. Maybe a bold statement but I don't think there are too many people who would disagree. I admit I know nothing about The Seven Souls, except that when ever I am not feeling 100% I stick it on and the world is great again. I am the proudest man in the world to at last own a "proper one"


Gregg Diamond Bionic Boogie - Hot Butterfly  There are loads of great great Luther tracks (see I don't wanna be a fool later), but this is one that escapes a lot of people. Looking through a record box I don't think it would stand out with the stupid track or artist title, and if you miss featuring Luther Vandross it could escape you forever. What a great track, have a listen. Not dear, you should find one around a tenner (also on 12")

Celeste Hardy - You're gone   One of those I have been after for ages, Hard to find in mint condition, but well worth waiting for. It did come out on an anniversary gift 45 from somewhere a few years ago, but when you hear the quality of the original there is no comparison. Expect to pay 300 - 350 if you can find one


Chubby Checker - Everything's Wrong   What a reaction this is getting on the dance floors. I first played it at Soul in the Sun in Tenerife, and it has just gone from strength to strength. Is there little wonder, this is what 60's music is about for me. It was the B side of Cu Ma La Be - stay, which isn't so good, but was a hit. Have a listen, and let me know what you think! You are looking at around the 25 mark, which is a bargain.

David Ruffin - I can't stop the rain   I am the worlds worst for missing records. 6 years ago I got The Essential David Ruffin Collection, which is fantastic. Last year Roger Williams sent me it on a CD, but it took Chris Priestley to point me to this record. It is just absolutely fantastic. As good as Walk away from love, and that is saying something. At the moment my equal number one sound (along with Rita & the Tiaras). I just cannot explain how good this is, if you have not heard it yet, you are in for a real treat. I have played it so far at Blackpool Hilton, The Cala Gran, Middlewhich and last week at Easington, and the reaction from everyone is the same "What the hell is that, I want one" Probably cost you between 5 and 10. GET ONE NOW



Carla Whitney - I've been hurt (so many times)   I was at The Blackpool Hilton Weekender in January, having dinner. We could just about hear the music from the lounge, when I heard this in the background. I strained to listen for a minute or so, then ran through to spit and splutter at Andy Davis "what on earth is this?" He told me despite the fact that I nearly covered him with bits of prawn cocktail ! Awesome music. 

Nino Temple and 5th Ave Sax  John Atkinson played me this down the phone ages ago, I thought it was OK, so bought it. The more you hear it, the more you will like it.  This is the next "The Brothers - Are you ready for this"  I reckon it will be massive in another 6 - 9 months...MARK MY WORDS.

The first two are the first ones I put on the site, back in June 1998


Betty LaVette......You made a believer out of me

The price of this record has jumped from 12 in 1998 to 100 at present, following her visit in June 2002 it is now once again begging to be played. Watch this space. FROM 1998.....When Ray Rose was playing at MFM, he did a 70's show, which was 2 hours of magic. Stuff like Prince Phillip Mitchell & Betty Swan. It was then when this record hit me, I searched for it ever since. Up to date everyone who I have played it to (without exception) has loved it, mark my words it is just waiting to go massive, and believe me it will. Just remember who told you.

Betty Swan.....Kiss my love goodbye

Got to claim some credit for this one being so popular, I hammered this back in 1992 when I bought one for 8. It got to massive preportions, then got to the overplayed point, now it's back to being a floorfiller, that isn't played too much (because of the price tag probably) FROM 1998......This record has a spot in my heart, it's been a regular play at Kendal for the past five years, (1997) and now at last it's getting a huge following around the clubs. Mark my words it's going to get massive. Just seen on Roger Banks's list for 35, I reckon it's still a bargain at that.

 . . . .

Jackie Wilson.........Because of you

I've had an issue of this for some time now, but when Kev Jones offered me a demo I couldn't refuse it. Another of my all time favourites, Soul music doesn't come any better. (valued at around 100, I have actually heard that the issue is harder to get. Is that true?)

Soloman Burke ..............Cry to me

I'm not really a big R & B fan, but this is one of those that I like. I like the phrase Rhythm and Soul, cos for me it has to have that soulful feeling to it, and this gem by one of The Soul Clan "does it for me" as they say. Not often seen on a white demo, valued at around 40 at present.

You know what it's like when you've been after a record for years, and you finally manage to get hold of one, well it happened to me twice in one week, the next two records are just perfection in music, and I just enjoy sitting looking at them! Sad aren't I?

. . .

Patrice Holloway .....Stolen Hours

There's not alot I can say about this record, if by chance you don't know it, click on the label, sit back and get ready to listen to perfection. 5 years ago I had a chance of getting one for 100, I thought "I'm not paying that much, it's only worth 60. Boy what a fool I was. Latest price I have heard was 385 in a Soul Bowl auction.

Vivian Reed......Save your love for me

My number 3 record of all time (after The Seven Souls and Tan Geers). It just reduces me to a quivering mass, everytime I hear it. Problem is I don't get to hear it out so much, as there only seems to be Terry Jones and Andy Davies who own it. Whenever it is played it is not a floor filler (God knows why) but I enjoy sharing the experience on the dancefloor with the others. It is one of those records that you don't hear, you feel. The "Save your love for me" fan club is certainly growing, and I long for the day when the first few bars, produce a mass stampede to the dance floor. It will happen, mark my words. If you see one for sale anywhere grab it, expect to pay 200+, but I would have paid twice that.

. . .

Independent Woman......Jan Jones

A record that I used to own, but it was on an all red label (pressing????) Anyway I swopped it with Roger Williams, thinking I could get another alright. That was 4 years ago, and I've been looking ever since. Good old Kev Jones (is he Jan's son!!) needed some money for another record he wanted so gave me first chance. (I nearly snapped his hand off.) Modern Soul magic, and another that would be bigger if more people had one. Expect to pay 150 ish

Cory Blake .........How can I go on without you

Usually rated at around the 400, so when I heard that Prince Phillip Mitchell (he wrote it) had 5 copies for sale at The Cala Gran for 250 each, I jumped in with both feet. It was only when I got it home I found out that it wasn't in as good condition as it looked. It would seem the the Americans don't have the same resect for their records as us Brits do. I've spent ages cleaning it up, and I've got to say it's in E+ condition now. (N.B. Sowl Bowl auction 21/10/01....550)

. . .

Carrying on with a record that is massive for me at present. Joe Tex - I wanna be free. I first heard it in Australia when Denny played it, and was lucky enough to get a copy from John Manship. Storming 60's Soul at it's best, I don't know why I had never heard it before, and I don't know why it is so hard to find. I paid 50, but it will go up I guarantee. Already seen a demo for 100. Freddie Gorman - Take me back. Freddie came over to England with the Originals, and when I heard the rumour that it was going to happen I dug this gem out of the box, and have been playing it since. The third record on Ric Tic despite the number RT 102, RT 101 was Freddie Gorman In a bad way and RT 100 Gino Washington - Gino's a coward

. . .

I had been aware of Brown Sugar - The Game is over for some time now, but they never seem to turn up. Then it came out on the modern CD from Italy. I heard Keith Mooney play it at Cleethorpes, but still couldn't find one. Them Anglo American to the rescue with this nice DJ copy. I heard of one going for 40 from Soul Bowl, then one for 60, and I paid 75. This will go over the 100 mark before long or my name isn't Mickey Mouse! Roger Hatcher - Sweetest Girl in the world has always been on my wants list, and I reckon in my all time top 50 records, so was chuffed when I saw this one recently. Just a great great song. Expect to pay around 150 at the moment.

. . .

Tommy Navarro - I cried my life away. This type of soul is not usually by thing to be honest, but from the moment Tommy sings those immortal words " When I was a young boy, I wish I new what I knew now" I'm sold. I have never seen it played to anything but a packed dancefloor. Enough said. Expect to pay around 150 at present. The Dynells - Call on me I have been looking for this record for the past 3 years, so was chuffed when I managed to get one at Cleethorpes. Dynamic,. Electric are all words that can be used to describe this piece of 60's soul perfection. I paid 300 and I reckon it will go up.

. . .

Kicking off this time with my favourite record of the moment (how many times have I said that) Margie Joseph - I'll always love you. The first time I heard this was through Roger Williams and straight away it just grabbed me by the balls. Over the past few years I gave up trying to find it, then when Roger played it at Summer Breeze, I knew I just had to own it. I managed to get the LP some 5 months after, then good old John Atkinson (again) came up with the single. I cannot explain how good this record is, JUST PURE SOUL MUSIC. Expect to pay 70 - 100 it. Hard to follow that really, but The Sons of Robin Stone - Got to get you back is one of those that grows and grows on you. You could pick it up for a tenner I would think, well worth it.

. .

A current floor filler is Narbay - Believe it or not, unfortunately mine is on Goldmine (50), but if you want it on Impact, you will need well over a grand!! We lost O.C. Smith recently, what a great loss, Just couldn't help myself is a great record, that about sums up the great man, for around a tenner snap it up

. .

Got 10 - 15 to spare? Well go hunt this sound, it's great. I bought it for I don't want to love nobody but you, and when it popped through the post I was delighted to see Tired of being alone on the other side (A side really). Both modern, and both tremendous sounds showing Miss Louistine off as a great singer.


Mel Torme - Comin' home baby takes us way way back, and has a large following on the Northern Scene. There is a better version by Dee Dee Sharpe on her Album " all the hits Volume 2" Either one packs the dance floor.

Luther - Don't wanna be a fool. I've loved this record since I first heard it some 8 or 9 years ago, it is from the Cotillion album which is hard as hell to get hold of. To be honest I didn't know it was on a single until I saw one that "Socks" Baxter had. He wouldn't sell me it, so the hunt began. I rang all the dealers, no luck. At The Cala Gran I looked and asked everyone, no luck as usual. On the Friday night I was dancing in the modern room when Dave Booth came and stood in front of me, announcing he had found "something" for me. Low and behold it was Luther, just 30. If he wasn't so ugly I would have kissed him.

This is just a great great record from the very first note to the last some 3 minutes and 18 seconds later. Recorded in 1977, and written by Luther and Paul Riser

. . . .

Cody Black - I'm slowly moulding. One of those records that has been in the back of my head for ages, then all of a sudden I here it again and something clicks. Good old John Atkinson got one for me, and already I have been offered more, so can't be bad. Expect to pay between 450 and 600. Joe Valentine - I've lost the only love I ever had is another record I have been looking for, there was one at Cala Gran but it was a bit scratched, John Atkinson at Anglo American again to the rescue, with this mint copy. Powerful soul is the best way to describe it. Very soulful performance from Mr Valentine, who has now licensed the record, and you can get a legitimate copy for 10, and the money goes to the singer, which makes a nice change. Again expect to pay 500 - 600 for an original.

. . . .

Nolan Porter - If I could only be sure I have it on the album Nolan, but when Pete Meadows offered me his single I snapped his hand off. Great great record, and well done to who-ever was brave enough to play it for the first time (I reckon about 10 years ago). Harold Melvin & the Bluenotes - Prayin' It just goes to show you don't have to pay a lot of money for top sounds. This piece of Philly magic was released in 1977, and you can get a copy for 8 - 10. Wherever I play it, it always get a great response. I thought it was Teddy Pendergrass on lead vocal, thanks to Barry Fowden for putting me right, it was David Ebo

. . . .

Dee Clarke - That's my girl Tough gritty raw R & B type soul, with a catchy riff right from the start, I picked this up for 40 which is about right I reckon, great track and very popular. David & Ruben - I love her so much it hurts I have been after The Majestics track for ages, when good old John Atkinson (again) came up with this. It is exactly the same except there are no trumpets right at the start. I have never heard of David & Ruben, but Tim Brown tells me they are the Majestics, hence the same sound. But 75 instead of 500.

Added December 2nd, 2008....


I like your website.  Just one note on one of the records you list.  It's called "(I love her so much) it hurts me" by the Majestics.  You list David and Ruben (as it says on the label).  The song was written and sung by Arthur Robles.  His two brothers, David and Ruben, sang the song "Girl of my Dreams" which I believe is on the flip side of the record.  The song was written in the mid 1960's and The Majestics was a very popular group out of Los Angeles in those times.  Art Robles wrote this song for his wife Gloria Robles.  Art (Arthur), Ruben (older brother) and David (youngest brother) made up most of the Majestics who were originally named Art's Majestics.  The song was originally released on the Warner Bros. label and was later re-released (don't know when) on the Linda label (never heard of that).  How do I know this?  Well, Art was my dad who passed away about 11 years ago.  Great song and glad to find out, just recently, that it's a well known song now throughout the UK.
Keep up the good work and hope this song keeps playing!
 - Anthony Robles

. .  

10th September, 2001......Two absolute crackers from Motown here. I must admit, I'd never heard of Tata Vega until Roger Williams introduced me to it a year or so ago. Wow It's my kind of soul. Taken from the album Try my love from 1978, it's modern and it's great. click on it and have a listen. Up next is another gem from Detroit, taken from the 1981 Album "The Temptations" (which is a longer version and not as good) Smooth as you would expect with great harmonies. Both records can be bought for around 10 - 15 each

10th September, 2001......A C Reed - My baby's been cheating on me Not really into R & B, but this is one of the exceptions, great track, great dancer, great lyrics. Should get it for around 75.

. . .  

10th September, 2001......The Moments track is one that Ian Levine said was rare as hell, sorry Ian, Anglo American have a pile of them for around 15. He was right with the fact that it is a great track though. Rozetta Johnson is just raw soul music, again 15 should get you this, and it's well worth having

. . . .

JULY 11th, 2001 . . . .It was Neil Jones who put me onto this one about 4 months ago, we quickly passed tips, I suggested Betty Wright - Man of mine (see March 2001) and he told me about Barbara Mason and The Futures - Make it last. They are both in the same field really, 70's magic. This Buddah recording is from 1975 and is a great dancer, with that 70's soulful feel to it. I got this for 50, but have already seen it for 75. It has been tipped as the next Betty Swan, we'll see. The Brothers - Are you ready for this, ok so it's an old one but boy is it a current floorfiller or what. I think it was the Mecca where it came from originally, if it wasn't it sounds like it should be. You should be able to pick one up for around a fiver or so, but with today's market who knows.

JUNE 13th, 2001 . . . .Bryan Waklin played this at Soul in the Sun, and although I'm not R 'n B inclined, I've got to admit that I fell for it, and boy did the dance floor. In fact every time that I have seen it played it packs the floor. I've got a feeling that it is another of those Carl Willingham finds, although I may be mistaken.

. . . .

March 26th, 2001A couple of absolute gems here from Betty Wright, Man of mine takes over as my favourite of the moment (27/3/01) and is just seventies perfection. 1977 in fact and taken from the album "This time for real". It cost me 30, and I reckon that before the end of the year someone will pay over 100 for it....mark my words. If you see one get it!!! From the 1976 album "explosion" comes another magic record, not as danceable as man of mine but another that I will put money on is destined to go up in price. Should get it for about a tenner at present, if you can find one. Written by Milton Wright which bring a couple of questions to mind...! Is it Miltion Wright of The Gallop / I belong to you fame. 2 Is he married to Betty wright? I'm sure that someone out there knows!!!! P.S. Peter Bircham informs me that Milton Wright is Betty's brother, thanks for that Peter


Just dug this out of the box the other night, I had forgotten how good it is. 5 should get you this cheapy, which proves that there are thousands of great records out there for under a tenner. When you here some of the crap (albeit expensive crap) that is being played at some venues, we wonder why no-one bothers with this. 1974 and I remember buying this when it came out.

. . . .

5th Feb 2001 . . Kick off the latest with a sound that I have been chasing for 2 years now. Mac & Karen put me onto it, and I have been searching ever since. I managed to get the album, but you know what it's like! It's the little ones that we all crave for. Gary White came to the rescue, and at last I have this gem. My kind of music this, mid tempo modern, with the great voice of Sonny Charles. Number 2 is my favourite sound of the moment, and what a piece of modern magic this is. I didn't even know that they had recorded for Cotilion. I must admit the first 20 seconds doesn't do much for me, then the vocals come in and wow, we have this powerful, dynamic 10 out of 10 dancer. Have The Impressions ever made a bad record? Value at present around 20, but try and get one if you can. Also available on the 1978 album on Cotilion entitled The Impressions